Opening songs
OP 1- Futakotome (Chiwa Saito)
OP 2- Marshmallow justice (Eri Kiramura)
OP 3- Platinum Disco (Yuka Iguchi)

Ending songs
ED 1- Naisho no Hanashi (ClariS)

Genre: Comedy, Psychological, Supernatural


Here's a short post for today, "Anime Festival Asia 2012" is tomorrow and I have to prepare for it. Time really flies and thanks to all of you who are old time readers and still stick to this blog of mine. Can't believe another year has just gone by.

Anyways, "Nisemonogatari". Its the sequel to "Bakemonogatari" a pretty well received anime by the general public. Ghost stories revolving around mythical animals and forces that involve teenage school girls is definitely something guys would like to see. I was pretty cool with the original "Bakemonogatari", since it has interesting concepts and whatnot, but ended up being a little bit too boring for me at times. "Nisemonogatari" actually is a lot less boring! That much I can assure you, and instead of spreading the anime into 5 arcs for 5 girls over such a short period of 15 episodes, we have 2 arcs for 2 girls this time. Since there's a lot of focus on to this 2 girls in "Nisemonogatari", its easily way more interesting and really kicks up to become something awesome.

The main focus this time round, Aragagi's two little sisters.

Like with "Bakemonogatari", "Nisemonogatari" has opening songs sang by each seiyuu of each girl. Since this time there are only two girls in focus, there are only two opening songs sang other than Chiwa Saito's "Futakotome". Since she IS still THE Senjougahara Hitagi, it makes sense. "Futakotome" is a rather good song, better than "Staple Stable" actually, and makes for a good stand in opening.

"Marshmallow Justice" is sang by Eri Kitamura, seiyuu of Karen. Its an upbeat song, and its a little catchy, but I don't really like its overall direction. I know it fits Karen and all, being all jumpy and energetic, but its just not a song that I'd listen to a lot. "Platinum Disco" by Yuka Iguchi, seiyuu of Tsuhiki, is just so adorable XD. Yuka Iguchi already has a cute ass voice (Index, Maria, Konoe Subaru to name a few), and the cute style of "Platinum Disco" really just got to me. Its not a spam type song, but its not too shabby either. Ending song is "Naisho no Hanashi" by ClariS. Its ClariS, there's no need for any hesitation, its great.


I really enjoyed this sequel, a lot more than the original actually. They actually spent a lot less time explaining about oddities and just went around dealing with them instead, since there were only 2 cases this time around. And seriously, even then, they really spent more time on actually solving the problems, rather than just beating around the bush. This alone already made it less confusing and more appealing to watch. Karen and Tsuhiki, Aragagi's sisters, are just as interesting as the original "Bakemonogatari" cast, and they fit right in! We still see girls from the original, but if anything they just serve as convenient cameos other than Hanekawa and Hitagi, who both still appear now and then.

Hey, Aragagi! It's already a crime to have such a hot sister! It's a bigger crime to rape her!

So we step back into the shoes of Aragagi Koyomi, the vampire teenage boy whom has had TONS of troubles with girls back in season 1. Tons of girls with problems regarding the occult started to gather around him and he helped them with the assistance of a man named Oshino Meme. Following the events of season 1, Oshino has left, and now Aragagi's sister Karen has a problem. He has to solve her problem himself now, without the help of Oshino, this can prove to be quite a problem. But he has friends that he gained from season 1, so things will definitely change. Also, with the sudden rise of Shinobu, who has been hiding in his shadow all this time, he will have far more assistance than he thinks!

"Nisemonogatari" is actually a great sequel. Its rare that a sequel is actually better than the original when it comes to an anime, and this is one special case. Needless to say if you liked the original this should already have been on your radar a long time ago. Its nice to have great sequels, and the "-monogatari" series is one I'd like to see succeed, ESPECIALLY after getting such a sequel. Can't wait to see more....if they are planning for more.