Alright time for a new kind of post. I don't know why I didn't do this before since I'm such a huge RPG fan and have played TONS of RPGs ever since I started gaming on the PS1 (especially JRPGs). Parties in RPGs will be a type of post where I select a certain RPG and take its party members into account. I will give all of these part members rating based on my opinion, taking their character and mostly their combat prowess into account.

And for today, the game will be the awesome "Shin megami tensei:Devil Survivor 2"! It has a shitload of party members, so prepared so a long post.


All Atlus Protagonists are cool, face it.


Well, nothing much to say here. He's YOU, he's everything YOU want him to be. Because you can add whatever the hell stats you want to every time you level up, he is the ideal character. You can max out magic ASAP and one shot bosses by level 30, or go into some hybrid defensive/offensive build, anything works when you're the hero. You can give him the best demons, best stats and he kicks ass, because YOU'RE the one driving him giving him all the stats YOU want to prioritize. 

Every great guy's got to have his best friend.

Traits:Agility, Magic

Ugh, I don't know about you guys, but I really hate agility type characters. They are really weak until they get certain multi hitting skills later on, but even then they still pale in comparison to other types. A full on magic character with Megidola or a full on strength character with assassinate can one shot anybody.

 Daichi is an agility type with a little bit into magic as well. He kind of sucks early on and even later I don't see his worth. He doesn't do enough damage when compared to other characters. Plus, he's like a Yuzu in personality until MUCH later (I love Yuzu cause she's so sexy, but I know she can be quite a bitch in personality). He's not worth the training or prioritization, but his route can be worth going for if you're into the "SAVE EVERYBODY" thing.

Along with many others, Io brings the sexy to DS 2.

Traits:Magic, Strenght

If there's anybody who shines early on in your party, it's gotta be Io. She packs in some good strength stats early on along with her high abundance on magic. She can dish out a lot of hurt and later on while she kind of scales downward, she can still put out the pain with her high magic stats, leaving a lot of room and opportunity for her.

Early on she is a really big asset and you probably won't be removing her anytime soon. Because of her slightly higher strength stat, you can assign her some early auto spells that are really useful, like Blitz for example. Not many characters can use Blitz early on. Also, if you want a magic hard hitter later in the game, Io fits the bill along with some others.

He's the guy whom I want to hear voiced the most!

Traits:Magic, Agility

Just like Daichi, Joe is pretty half assed, even more so than Daichi even. I think he might actually be the worst character in the game. He has like equal stats and agility, honestly, both do NOT mix well together. I mean, he's so cool as a character! But when it comes to battle, he just screams meh everywhere.....

You have to put Joe in when you first get him as one of your main part members, and you can already tell how useless he is. His damage output is pathetic when compared to other characters, and I bet everybody would have wanted to just switch him out when they got Hinako or Keita, because I did. Joe just isn't the guy for me.

I wish she was my secretary...

Traits:Strength, Magic

Makoto is so sexy, she's probably the hottest of all the freaking girls in "Devil Survivor 2". She is just perfect! However, she really doesn't need to be in a battle. She's average, she may be hot, but she gets outclassed. She can have some neat passives and autos, but when it comes down to dishing out damage in battle, she can have variety, but her damage is isn't as good as others.

This is the weakness of having a hybrid of strength and magic. In my opinion these are the two most important stat types in the game, and with them you can do some sick damage. But I'd take a character with full on strength or full on magic at the end of the day, not someone with both. Makoto has equal standing in both of those types, and because of this she can use multiple strong magic or physical attacks, but in the end her damage output isn't as great.


Traits:Strength, Agility

Yo, Keita is like, godly. If you need a strength character in your team, both Jungo and Keita fit the bill very nicely, and while Keita has an overall lower strength growth than Jungo, he will f**king destroy people with his agility. Combine agility and strength is like combining fire and oil together, he will wreck people's faces in with the right skills.

Keita's assassinate is probably a one shotter, and he can equip a ton of multi hit skills as well because of his edge in agility. If you have him in your party and he goes against any enemy team without invulnerability to physical attacks, prepare to see them drop, FAST. Keita can beat people down, and you can't stop him.

No bra? The hell?!

Traits:Agility, Strength

I hate overly slutty characters overall, and that's just Hinako in a nutshell. It's okay if you dress like a slut in a game or anime, but acting like one just sets them less appealing in my opinion. I'm not a huge fan of Hinako, and that's okay, because she doesn't do well in battle. She's an agility type, and as you know, I hate those types. She's a complete reverse of Keita.

She has good agility throughout the game, but to be honest, she doesn't have the damage to back it up. Make no mistake, I've seen her do TONS of damage, but that is like, towards the very end of the game, when I've already grown attached to my original team. Hinako can shine, but its far too late when she can. She does almost NO damage early on.

Points for style!

Traits:Strength, Vitality

Jungo is another type of Keita. He excels in strength growth as well, and that just means he's going to f**king MURDER things, with his BARE HANDS! He actually maxes out strength much earlier than Keita, and because of this, his early and mid game damage is just ABSURD. He can one shot enemies like no tomorrow. Put him together with an early maxed out magic hero, and you get the perfect duo.

Jungo's growth is incredibly quick, and he gets insane amounts of damage early. Later on his vitality grows instead, making more of a tanky damage dealer than anything else. Later in the game he might get killed before he can act because of his lack of speed, but when he gets to move, a quick assassination will do the job. Giving him those heavy hitting skills will quickly put enemies to sleep.

Miss sexy number 2!


Fumi is the magic version of Jungo, and because of this, she bears a lot of similarities with him. She will f**king DESTROY enemies as well. Early on putting her and Jungo in a team is like setting the game to easy mode, because the both of them, one magic and one strength, can easily wipe the floor with the entire enemy team. She's a complete monster when it comes to killing off enemies, and she's a freaking big busty lady wearing a chiongsam. Sexy.

Fumi gains magic really quickly, and like Jungo, when she maxes it out early, she can really pick up your clear speeds. She will destroy enemies in one spell, and that's that. Give her an elemental dance spell, or holy dance, or anything of that sort, and enemies will drop, like flies. She is definitely worth putting into your party. Oh, and dem labtops bro. She is probably my second favorite character in the game (second sexiest, and second favorite).

The one and only loli in the game! We need them!

Traits:Magic, Agility

Airi is good to have around. She isn't as good as the battle gods like Fumi and Jungo, but she can hold her own pretty well. She has good stats, mostly on the magic side, but her agility growth is pretty good too. She can set up some pretty good combos with her agility and magic, like autos or passives. And because of her high magic growth, she can still wipe the floor pretty damn well.

You will have to take Airi early on, because she's probably one of the best characters during the time which you get her. Its not a bad thing by any means, because you will quickly grow to love her damage and good speed. She is an option you can consider by the end of the game, alongside Io and Otome.


Traits:Magic, Vitality

Otome is deceptively tanky. She's a great asset to any team because of her insane magic growth. Just like Keita is compared to Jungo, Otome is compared to Fumi. Her magic growth is slightly lower and because of that she does less damage, but Otome has better vitality. Later on in the game she can equip those vitality based skills and actually become a tanky caster, scary.

Otome is really good when you first get her, and because she deal some nasty damage with her really strong magic stats, she is easily a great choice to have in your party. Later in the game you can just build her as a tanky caster/healer supportish kind of thing, and have her stand back to revive your characters as they get killed, because you can be sure that your enemies can't kill Otome if you play her right. Plus, she's a nurse, fits the bill doesn't she?

JPs don't get as stylish and bad ass as this.

Traits:Strength, Magic

Unfortunately for my favorite character, Yamato just doesn't fit into a team. His growth is similar to Makoto, and take this to heart. While he has more stats points than other characters, his growth is just not something you will want in your team (unless you are looking for hybrid type characters). Hybrid growth characters may have versatility, but they just don't deal enough damage when it boils down to it, that's the case with Yamato.

Yamato can do some nice damage, but just like Makoto, he does not fit the bill. He is certainly better than other characters, but when it boils down to it, characters that scale with one type of stat all the way, or at least in priority, are just better overall. Yamato may look like he's doing a lot of damage with many powerful skills, but face it, other characters can do better. They should have just made him a full strength character, *sigh*.

Not a fan of hobo designs..

Traits:Strength, Vitality

Ronaldo's a character that I never did like, all that justice crap and shit. He can hold his own in a battle, but again, he cannot compare to the battle gods that the game already has to offer. He has strength, but its not as high or overpowered as the likes of Jungo and Keita. He has vitality, but in a way, that really isn't something to boast about. 

He's a weaker Jungo with some extra stats here and there. That's not bad per se, but like Yamato, he doesn't really fit in a party unless you want him for character loyalty. He definitely isn't as bad as some other characters, but when it boils down to it, there are better damage dealers. If you want to put Ronaldo in, I'd rather Jungo or Keita.

His route is a pain.

Name:Al Saiduq

Al Saiduq here is a f**king douche bag. His route compromises of only you and him at the start, and because of that things get really difficult really quickly. Still, he's a cool guy, but I'd rather other characters in battle. Al Saiduq is another one of those guys with a little bit of everything, with a slight overabundance in magic.

Like the other characters with 7s, Al Saiduq really isn't a bad pick, but there are just better characters that do more damage. If you want someone that can really dish out the pain, why not Fumi? Or Otome, Io, Airi for that matter. Sure Al Saiduq can equip some autos that they can't because of stat issues, but when it comes down to overall usefulness, the others just win in that aspect.

Here's my final evaluation of the "Devil Survivor 2" cast.

My party



The rest in ranking

Al Saiduq


Peace out for now, more RPG patrties to come in the future!