Sorry for the lack of "Greatest boss fights" posts, I just didn't really had the motivation to really do these -_-. Maybe that's the signal to move on. These posts are coming in so slowly, and they may come even slower unless I find boss fights worthy of my time and attention. There are so many games with wonderful boss fights recently, can't really expect to do them ALL.....

Well guys meet Gawain and Leo from "Fate/Extra", the master and servant combo you have to battle during the final selection no matter which path you followed. I've always played "Fate/Extra' for the bosses myself, because they are so f**king well done and brilliantly made. The fight with Gawain and Leo was just amazing. It was probably the hardest and most challenging fight in the game, the boss that I died to the most (Savior was a f**king joke) other than freaking Lu bu the berserker.

Gawain is a f**king bitch.

Gawain can hit like a truck, and that's just a bunch of bullshit. Because of "Fate/Extra"'s battle system, you're going to depend on luck a lot, and you can see that its going to hurt you hard in this boss fight. Not just Gawain, every fight after the story branches into 2 paths becomes pretty difficulty, its like the difficulty just decided to spike up 5 fold or something. Gawain is tough, and he shows it off by having a tough servant as well. As a Caster player, I could die if he landed 3 successful normal attacks, a blade of the devoted plus a normal attack, OR just a full blown noble phantasm.

There was just little I could do to him. Even with a fully analyzed information matrix, this still proved to be a hard fight, because he really didn't need much to kill you. Leo can use bomb to stun your servant, and if Gawain was planning for a blade of the devoted, you will pretty much eat about 1200 damage or more. He has more than 30000 HP, and that is just crazy, considering the fact that he can boost his guard to stun you. Its not much of an issue since Caster can do about 4500 damage or more with her magic boost skill, but she eventually runs out of mana and my Caster had to finish his final couple of thousand hit points with normal attacks.

Leo and Gawain make for a great duo of pretty boys and douche bags.

Basically if you slip up for even 1 turn, there's a good chance that you might go down. His attacks hurt quite a bit (if you're running Saber or Archer you might be able to take a few more hits), and his skills are just madness. Diving aegis increased his luck for some easy critical hits (trust me, with this on he will crit 1 time in 3 attacks), and Leo can remove buffs off your servant if you try to buff them for an easier fight with Gawain. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way, and if you do not debuff Gawain you're going to receiving a lot of hurt.

I was about 38 when I fought these guys, and I already got SICK of grinding by then. When he reaches low healths he will use numeral of the saint to greatly increase his defense (making me blow a good deal of mana as a result), and his noble phantasm Excalibur gelatine, can one shot my caster if I do not guard. This is just dumb, as I said I already got f**king sick of grinding and I refused to grind any further just to tank this one hit. If you don't get a lucky guard or lucky stun on him, this will freaking hurt like a bitch and probably one shot you if you aren't well grinded.

It will take a lot to bring him down, but when you finally do, its a satisfying victory you will have. Other than Shiki Ryougi, I think Gawain is the hardest boss in the game, and it was the first time I felt so tensed up when playing "Fate/Extra". The game has tons of fantastic bosses, but this stands out the most to me. The defeat cut scene for Leo and Gawain was also pretty emotional to watch, you will definitely feel for the young king and his knight.

Difficulty:7/10 (Hard to rate because of the game's luck based battle system) (Saber)  (Archer) (Caster)

Credited to Cirnopoly, could not have finished the game without his guide.