Friday, 30 March 2012

Preferance of the female body!

Okay people today I'm gonna do a rather perverted post, but nobody really cares!

This has been going on for quite awhile. Girls from anime and games come in different body structures, and I split them into 3 categories. The balanced type, big boobs or the lolis. For now, most of the time, its either BIG BOOBS or LOLIS for most people.

Both sides are screwing with each other. Some say they hate characters with too big boobs, or some hate lolis because its like you're liking children (lol) and it seems wrong. To me, it doesn't really matter. Its all virtual! They all look good damnit! Nobody hates virtual boobies.....or flatness...for that matter. Let me show you that all forms of the virtual female body, including the balance type, do desrve some love :).

My favourite loli! If it wasn't obvious enough already. Blah blah blah everything about her is amazing I am far too lazy to explain any more because I have done so lots of times already....she is just that awesome.

I'll say this though, she wouldnt be the same with big boobs. Imagine, with that outfit. Shes perfect the way she is, and her being flat is all part of the charm! Some characters are just made to be flat, shes one of them.

My favourite girl with big boobs. Come on, if these aren't big, you must be mad. I can imagine her looking alright being flat but with big boobs she just stands out so well! Plus, samurai women with long katanas should always have big boobs (just watched Hyakka ryouran, and I can't agee more).

These are my favourites. I don't have a balanced body girl under my favourites, but there a ton of balanced beauties out there, along with the boobies and lolis. I will post more in the future, but for now I'll stop it here. Stop fighting people! All girls are nice, no matter the physique! I gotta say though, girls with too big boobies look a little wrong (Looking right at you Queen's blade).

So then, stay tuned for more boobies, lolis and girls overall in the future!

Come on, all girls are awesomez XD.