Friday, 2 March 2012

Meow~(Nyan koi review)

Opening songs
OP 1-Nyandaful! (Sakakibara Yui)

Ending songs
ED 1-Strawberry ~Amaku Setsunai Namida~ (Asami Imai)

Genre: Comedy, romance, supernatural


Here we are with normal days again,  Cosfest just blew over just like that, but here I am back to reviews again. For today, we have a pretty "meowy~"  anime for you cat loving fools. Too bad though, Nyan koi is a little too generic and normal at times, though the cat concept it has going on works well. If you're tired of generic harem anime where the guy never gets the girl, you might one to give this one a skip, because thats what it is. Still, it is pretty funny, if you wants good laughs and a generically humourous story, this is one anime you can easily waste your time on and still enjoy. Just get ready for an abnormal amount of cats though :3.

Ergh. Even if its Sakakibara Yui, she still sings lots of these cutesy songs and they are definetely NOT on my radar. "Nyandaful!" just doesn't appeal to me, not in the slightest bit, its a pity though, since I do listen to some of her more badass songs (like the songs in her album "bloody tune" or her phantasm works). The ending is "Strawberry", which is kind of catchy and IMO its better than "Nyandaful!". Still, Asami Imai is one of my more respected seiyuus and she definetely has better songs up her record ("Shinsou" is fking amazing. And her Artery vein works with Eri kitamura are just badass).


Nothing really special. A 7.0 from me is decent and thats what Nyan koi is. Its a decent anime, nothing ground breaking here, but nothing bad too. The right term to describe it is "generic", but sometimes that isn't a bad thing. Its storyline is quite funny, and it does have some good characters worth looking into, hell it has talking cats! Still, as said earlier, if you are tired of generic harem, you can skip this for something more epic like MM or Baka test. If you still want to stick around for Nyan koi though, you will receive on your end a rather humourous story with some slighty memoriable characters and funky talking cats that will make you laugh. 

The kirishima twins are adorable and sometimes mentally challenged.

The story focuses around a Touma lookalike (the main character from To aru majutsu no index) called Junpei Kousaka. Junpei is a sad young man just like any other, having a girl in class that he likes but is unable to approach her due to courage issues. Yep, just like any other guy. BUT, one day, he makes the mistake of his life. He accidentally angered the cat god by disrespecting the statue of it. At first he pays it no heed, but as he starts being able to listen to his cat, Nyamsus, talk, he panics. Junpei has a bad allergy to cats, so this definetely alarms him. He soon comes to realize that he has been cursed, and he is to turn into a cat in due time. This is obviously bad for him due to his allergy, he's going to kill himself in cat form. To free himself from this curse, he has to help 100 cats with thier requests. Since he can hear them now, this allows him for some easier conversation. Little did he know however, that his crush, Mizuno, is a cat lover, and as he gets more involved in cats, his life changes....

Nyan koi has a funny story that is easily remembered, along with some funny characters as well, but other than that, its generic. I especially like the Kirishima twins (for thier totally opposite personalities) and Nyamsus (She's an awesome cat!), but other than that they did reference To aru majutsu Index because Junpei looks alot like Touma and that is pretty funny. All in all, this is still worth the time burnt, but there are definetely better animes out there.