Thursday, 8 March 2012


Gamespot score:9.0 (Editor's choice)

My score:8.8

(+)Pros:-Amazing atmosphere,-entire world feels dark, creepy and intense,-solid platforming gameplay that revolves around clever puzzles,-great soundtrack and sound effects,-keeps you deeply entertained from start to end.

(-)Cons:-Too damn short,- story is difficult to catch on without research and speculations.

Gameplay time:Less than 5 hours

You've never played anything quite like Limbo. Sure platformers are sprinkled here and there in the market, but really, when you play Limbo, you'll see the difference. Being different and standing out from the rest of them, Limbo is one hell of a unique platforming puzzle solver, similar to that of braid but alot more badass (I never got to like Braid anyway). PLAYDEAD studios, the company responsible for the birth of Limbo, did a great job when cooking up this gem of a platformer, and I can safely say that its a platformer worth everybody's time.

Limbo's story is a strange one. It forms up to become something mysterious and strange at the same time. At the end you will breath out a sign of relief for our hero, but still, the overall feeling you will receive it a rather mixed one. The story stars a nameless boy as its protagonist, and nothing is known about him. He is fully cloaked in darkness, and all you can see is his pair of white glistening eyes, and are probably the only source of light that brigthens up the dark world that surrounds him. The boy travels through the world of Limbo, and nothing is explained, just that he is faced with countless dangers as he progresses. A strange story indeed....

The world of Limbo is a dark and eerie one indeed....

First things first, Limbo has amazing atmosphere. Before we even dive into the gameplay, I have to comment on the atmosphere, its so great that it totally sucks you in. The entire world is dark, and there is no one to help you. As you tread deeper into the despairing darkness, you can't help but feel your hair sometimes stand on end. The world is dark, and completely black. In fact, the entire game is made in black and white, further giving off that sense of creepyness. The feeling of treading through the world of limbo is creepy, and at times even eerie when you see something displeasing (like in the above screenshot).

Through the game you will run into tons of crazy stuff that makes you go nuts. After a bit of travelling, you run into a crazy giant spider that wants you for lunch. You run into an entire area filled with kids being hanged (that one was creepy as hell). The environment changes several times as you dwell deeper into the world, and each and every area is filled with its own share of creepyness, so its always something new.

Hotel! You serious bro?

Limbo's gameplay is very simple, perfect for newcomers to the genre. First of all, it only takes up 2 buttons, an action button for pushing/pulling or activating objects, and a jump button. The rest is just simple movement. The platforming is simple but solid, though the things that really shine in this game are the puzzles. Puzzles involve dragging of objects and most of the time involve self positioning, sometimes even backtracking to get a certain object or to press a certain switch. Later puzzles are much more in-depth, involving the control of water level or manipulating gravity itself. This gives the puzzles more variety, and as you move from one puzzle to the next, the feeling of solving a new one is largely refreshing.

Though there is largely no music throughout the game, there are certain parts of the game where the situation calls for it, and either scary or intense dramatic music will play. These really help intensify the mood and just makes the game all the more "epic" when the times call for it. Also, all the little sound effects like cave ins, smashing of boxes or apporaching entities are pretty awesome. Many a time while progressing through the game, I will hear a distant click, I'll stop in my tracks and freak for a second before continueing. All part of the experience.

Moments like these make the game feel intense
without trying too hard.

Limbo suffers from the "short" syndrome. Its too short, seriously. Though it was meant to be an indie release, its really short :x. Like 5 hours short, maybe even less. Though your runthrough the game will be a memoriable and great one, its very short, and that may piss you off. Also, the story. Not much is really explained about what the hell is going, all thats left to keep you going is your speculations, or reading about it online. It can get....frustrating, but all the better though, since the ending keeps you thinking.

Limbo is a one of a kind experience like no other. Veteran platformer players will be suprised by the amount of depth the game provides, and the atmosphere is enough to shake all players alike. For fans of the genre, Limbo will easily blow you away. For newcomers, Limbo is a great place to start on the wonderful platforming genre.

Happy gaming!