Opening songs
OP 1-Sekirei (Saori Hayami, Marina Inoue, Kana Hanazawa, Aya Endo)

Ending songs
ED 1-Dear sweet heart (Saori Hayami, Marina Inoue, Kana Hanazawa, Aya Endo)
EP 11 ED-Kimi wo Omoi Toki (Saori Hayami)

Genre:Action, Comedy, Romance


I am tackling new animes at an insane speed (as fast as finishing 2 shows in a week), so here are some reviews to catch up. Sekirei is yet another anime that has seen an increased amount of love since it was released, but I only picked it up a few months back. In my opinion, its generic, and its basically something like Shana/Omamori Himari. The harem part is so generic that we have seen it a million times, and the action is alright at best. Also, the girls in this show have abnormally huge boobs ( a little too big for my tastes), I don't know if its supposed to attract more attention....but meh. Its still not on the level of queen's blade though.

Well, the opening song for Sekirei is "Sekirei" itself, and its sung by the 4 seiyus of the 4 girls in the above picture. Its pretty alright, and it fits for such an anime. At least its not super cutesy. The ending is once again sang by the 4 seiyus, and this one I didn't like too much, too cutesy for me. I don't have a fond memory of the episode 11 ending, so I can't really comment there.


Meh, average is average. Most of this show is just regular fooling around without much tension or crazy stuff going on. The sekirei concept is really cool, and they do have some wicked powers, but the only awesome fight scenes come towards the end. The character types are pretty generic, save for some pretty unique ones. For what it was at the current time, Sekirei didn't have enough flashy substance to make itself awesome. Still, for having a mix of harem, everyday life, some funky comedy and throwing in some combat PLUS an actually decent plot, its worth your time if you really want to invest into this series.

Harem, something common in most anime~

Once again, like all harems, we have a high school kid as a main character, and his name is Minato Sahashi. Poor Minato failed his entrance exam to his college, and is one sad guy. However, on that same day, he spots a young busty girl being chased by 2 ladies that are able to control electricity. Being a main character and all, he decides to help her, and in the end, the young lady kisses him, introducing herself as Musubi. The 2 ladies give up the chase, and Musubi explains to Minato about the Sekirei plan, and that she is a Sekirei. She also tells Minato that he is now part of the game, and is forced to play. In the Sekirei plan, Sekireis are supposed to fight each other and slowly get eliminated, until one is crowned the victor. And so, Minato's life becomes more complicated as he preps himself for the Sekirei plan, with Musubi as his Sekirei.

Sekirei will probably be entertaining to harem lovers, but its truly nothing special. There are bits and pieces of action here and there, but the only true epic battles come towards the end. Its however, obvious that the series is much more capable than what it is now, and not to worry, "Pure engagement" is an improvement. That'll be for a different day, but for now, Sekirei stands an average anime for me. If you're picky about your anime, you can give this a miss for some better and more epic anime. But if you want something for the long run, Sekirei is quite alright.