Opening songs
OP 1-Light my fire (Kotoko)
OP 2-Serment (Mami kawada)

Ending songs
ED 1-I'll believe (Altima)
ED 2-One (Altima)
ED 3-Koubou (Mami kawada)

Genre:Action, Romance, Drama, Supernatural


So here it is my friends. Finally, the 72 episode long saga, has come to an end. Taking a total of 7 years to air, with a 2 year break between each season (Plus the OVA shakugan no shana S). We have walked a long road, but Shakugan no shana has finally ended, and they couldn't have done a better job. Tears, blood and sweat aside, Shakugan no shana was a great series, and all 3 seasons were great. Now thats its all over, looking back and reflecting on how awesome this series was would be a good thing to do.....but I know you're all here for the season 3 review.

I'll be straight with you guys, season 3 is different from 1 and 2. When season 3 started out I was one of the many who wanted to know what the flying f**k was going on, but after watching the series as a whole, it without a doubt, is still the shana we all know and love. Shana 3 removes some elements that make the series enjoyable, but improves upon whats left and raises it to a more phenominal level, making it just as awesome as it was before.

Songs wise the Shakugan no Shana series has never disappointed, and it continues to be the case with season 3. The 2 openings are awesome. "Light my fire" is easily my favourite Kotoko song up to date, with her energetic singing and some badass song arrangements, it makes a fitting 1st opening. "Serment" is a great Mami kawada song, but her works with To aru majutsu no index are better IMO. The endings are "I'll believe" and "One" by Altima, and both are easily on par or better than the openings. Since Altima's singer is Maon kurosaki, we expect nothing but greatness, and thats what we get! "Koubou" is a slow and sweet Mami kawada song, great for making the ending all the more emotional and touching.


Phenominal action scenes. Exciting combat sequences. All out wars. Thats what Shakugan no shana 3 is about, and boy its awesome as hell. Season 3 completely cuts out school life and misc stuff from the anime and turns it into an all out action anime. While that may not be a good thing for viewers, the story for season 3 is more intensified than ever before, and if thats the price to pay for a better story, I don't mind. Theres a whole lot of stuff going on in Shakugan no shana 3, and that is a good thing in my opinion. Its soon turns out into a total warfare between flame haze and tomogara, and that is amusing as hell to watch. As you wait in anticipation after an episode of nothing but pure badass action, the next episode throws you something even more amazing. All in all, Shakugan no shana 3 is a thrill ride from start to end.

Sadly, we won't be hearing her saying this any more );

Shakugan no shana 3 stars Shana as the main character this time round. Yuuji has turned. During the conclusion of season 2, Yuuji vanished when asked to choose between the 2 girls Kazumi and Shana. When he disappeared, he made a contract with the Snake of the festival, a fearsome tomogara with the authority to command the Bal masque. With that, he becomes the new head of the Bal masque, and commands an army of Guze no tomogara to fufill his and the Snake of the festival's dreams. Shana of course, without any willing explanation from Yuuji, won't take this for an answer. After a making a resolution for herself, she decides to find out more about the new Yuuji, along the help with all her friends in Misaki city, and new allies amongst the entire Flame haze alliance.

Theres not much to complain about season 3. Its finally here, and while the beginning 1 or 2 episodes are quite questionable, later on it becomes a full blown action fest that'll blow your mind away. Explanations are made throughout the show to explain plotholes, and soon enough, most of your questions will be answered. The ending pretty much confirms that season 3 is the final one, which is pretty sad. Shakugan no shana 3 is a great anime that serves as a wonderful conclusion to the amazing series!

Long live Shana, the best flame haze ever!

Peace out!