Opening songs
OP 1-Unreal Paradise (Minami Kuriyabashi)

Ending songs
ED 1-One way Ryou omoi (Marina Inoue & Megumi Nakajima)

Genre:Action, Comedy, Romance


Senou Natsuru is probably one of the hottest anime chicks alive. When it comes to an animated girl with virtual boobies Senou Natsus wins my heart in almost every aspect! She's hot, she's cute, and her personality just turns every guy on like wildfire! Theres one problem though. Shes a guy.............Argh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Ah well, guess thats anime for ya. Kampfer is hell of a weird show. While it is standard harem, when the guy turns into a girl, it turns into an all out lesbian fest! In terms of fanservice, Kampfer is pretty high up there, and the fact that a guy can turn into a girl anytime....means that you're in for one hell of a funny show! While this might sound wrong and I know quite alot dislike this practise, but trust me. If you're guy, you will LOVE this, no matter how wrong it sounds or looks, it is legit stuff! If you like boobs and lesbian action, this is a must watch!

Mehz. I already saw this coming for the songs. For a show such as this, the songs are rather cute-sy,  both the opening and ending. "Unreal paradise" is alright, not too bad, but its not something I can't stand listening to alot. "One way Ryou omoi" is a typical cute-sy song and I only went through it once, didn't do it again, so no comment there.


Hell yes! I don't care wheter or not I'm in the minority, but I freaking enjoyed kampfer! School life....harem....lesbian action....AND school girls fighting each other with swords, guns and magic. All these added together just spells "fck yeah!" for any anime loving dude. Besides all these, the show is also pretty damn funny, cracking all sorts of jokes usually not possible when there isn't a man who can transform into a woman. With so much stuff going on, Kampfer is an anime that aims to satisfy, and I can safely clarify that the action actually IS legit, not those scenes where enemies die in one attack. Oh and yes, Marina Inoue plays Natsuru PERFECTLY as her seiyuu.

The first reaction when you turn into a girl!

So..ahem. Kampfer stars the main character as another regular highschool young man (it always has to be) by the name of Senou Natsuru. As a normal cliche main character, he has a girl he likes, by the name of Sakura Kaede. Since he willingly talks to her with any opportunity he can get, she eventually knows him well enough and gives him a doll. The dolll though, started talking and soon selected Natsuru to be a kampfer, one of the warriors fighting for balance and power. Unfortunately, to use the powers of a Kampfer, you must become a girl! So just like that, he transforms into one of the hottest girls in history, bearing a blue band. Of course Natsuru detests this, but he can't control his power, so he automatically transforms when other kampfers are nearby. This of course puts him into a tough situation, since the school he goes to is also occupied by Kampfers! Thus begins a new life for our hero....or heroine.

Its a pity that there isn't a season two, because I enjoyed Kampfer. There is an OVA out now that is literally just 2 miscallenous episodes with more fanservice...but meh, I won't complain. This series (in my opinion) has a lot of potential, and while its great as it already is, I want to see more of Natsuru :). Great show, a must watch for guys.