I have a ton of reviewed animes so I guess it'll take pretty much FOREVER to finish this little thing of mine. Moving down the list today, here are more characters from these animes that I think I like the most. These are Bakemonogatari, Bakuretsu Tenshi and the Black rock shooter OVA. All three are quite decent, but none are over the top spectacular in my opinion. Well without further ado, these are my favourite anime characters from these 3 animes!

Obviously there will be spoilers from these 3 animes, so be warned.



First off, Bakemonogatari, something I just reviewed days ago. Its popular as hell, especially with Nisemonogatari on air now, but I think its not up to par with some of the more underappreciated anime. Still, its worth a watch for those looking for a more "unique" concept. The girls however, are pretty damn awesome in Bakemonogatari, and heres why.

Yeah, no words are needed..........

YES, I'm sure she's on everyone's list when it comes to favourite characters from Bakemonogatari. Senjougajara Hitagi is one of the most unique chicks when it comes to anime. Shes a woman of little words, and even when she speaks, she only spouts out unrelated nonsense. Still, she has a sense of humour, altough being unemotional most of the time. She is voiced by the lovely Chiwa saito :), which makes things even better.

Hitagi's curse is that of the spirit crab, which robs her of her weight. She has a terrible past, in which she "lost" her mother to and almost got raped. Ever since she has lived alone, and has only kept contact with her father. After being saved by Koyomi she has become close friends with him, and even started going out together. Hitagi is also popular in school, and is secretly admired by Kanbaru Sugura, altough she is a girl. Its a pity though, a lesbian relationship would have been entertaining :).

Hitagi is just such a likable character. Even after the Kanbaru incident with the monkey's arm, she continues to be her close friend. Plus, the way she commits herself to Koyomi is really sweet, especially in episode 12. Also in all of the arcs, she is seen helping Koyomi in a way or another, which is cool. Really though, the reason why we all like her is for her unique and kickass personality. Who doesn't like girls who are different? Rather than generic stereotypes, Hitagi is one hell of a unique character.

Pedophile instancts activate!

Ever though what it feels like to be a pedobear? Not anymore! Because of this girl, I have been made a pedobear to this anime. Hachikuji Mayoi is a super cute, super cheerful and super spunky elementary schooler, and is definetely my other favourite character to Bakemonogatari, maybe EVEN on par with Hitagi. This girl has so much character and personality to her, its almost impossible to not like her! She may come off as a little annoying at the start, but when she slowly becomes friends with Koyomi, she's easily the funniest character in the show.

Hachikuji is a ghost, a snail spirit of sorts. She wanders around an area forever and cannot seem to find her destination. Since she is a ghost, nobody can see her, except for Koyomi. Thats right, even Hitagi can't see Hachikuji. But that doesn't stop Koyomi from making her one of his best friends. Hachikuji appeared as a little lost girl at first, and when Koyomi approached her to help her, it soon became apparent that she could not be seen in the eyes of others.

Still, after finding her way at last, Hachikuji stays in the human world, and Koyomi hangs out with her from time to time when she appears in the individual arcs. After her arc, she becomes a far more energetic, cute and funny character, doing all sorts of stupid shit and cracking all sorts of lame jokes with Koyomi in Sync. Also, her trademark stuttering when pronouncing Aragagi is freaking genius!

Bakuretsu Tenshi

A pretty old show, but also one of favourites of the older generation anime fans. Still, its worth a watch if you like girls with guns. The animation style is a little old though, but if that doesn't bother you, you might want to give this a go. But the best character of the anime to me is obviously the coolest one!

Oh snap! Dat outfit!

When we discuss cool characters in Bakuretsu tenshi, only 2 can take that position. Joe and Sei, but Joe is a little too tomboyish for me, so obviously Sei comes out on top. I wanted to give Meg my favourite character spot because of her character developement towards the end, but Sei is still too cool to let go.

Sei, as you can see, is smoking hot. She is the leader of the 4 girls, and obviously if she can get that position, shes got some skills. Sei's forte is commanding the operations, she doesn't go on the missions herself, but her plans are foolproof and when things get ugly , her intuition and wits are the ones that always keep her team mates safe.

She is the grand daughter of the leader of a big organization, and with that she has quite a lot of power within her grasp. Though not much is said or known about Sei, it was said that she was the one to bring the 4 girls together and lift the group to what it was. Though seriously, the reason why it was so hard to forget her, was probably her sexiness~

Black rock shooter OVA

Now for the Black rock shooter OVA. Not the anime though, its not finished yet. I think many of you already know who my favourite character is already though.......


Yes, no contest. Black rock shooter is the perfect anime girl, ONE OF THE BEST ANIME CHICKS EVER MADEEEEE. Lets see, shes hot, her outfit makes her look outragously sexy, she is cute, she is loli and she fights like a boss. Her fight scenes are always insane, both in the OVA and the anime. It always makes her do stuff and make her look so damn badass while doing them. Without a doubt she is my favourite character from the OVA.

Theres not much story to her, she's practically Kuroi Mato's other persona showing the conflict between her and Yomi. She does nothing but fight, and she does a badass job at that. She has a katana and the "Black rock shooter", a transformable cannon arm that can fire power blasts as well as become a blade arm. Insane acrobatics make her look awesome during battle, and her fight with the Death master is definetely top notch.

Basically, Black rock shooter is here for the character design, its one of the best I have ever seen in an anime. I know she's basically a re-skin of Miku, but comparing Miku and Black rock shooter is like comparing the sun and the moon, both are totally different entities. The Black rock shooter looks just so freaking awesome, and the studio who did the OVA did an awesome job making her just as awesome when fighting. The OVA however, is pretty cut-and-go, it needs to stop switching around. Still, Black rock shooter is an amazing character that I will always root for!

Peacee out for now folks!