Boss health

Dirty colossus
Skills:Fly swarm*, Swat, Smash, Triple swat, Fly burst, Fly Disperser

Times died on 1st playthrough:0

Im doing 2 posts today so grab a chair. Anyway the 2nd of the part 2 bosses of the respective worlds I faced was the dirty colossus. I absolutely LOATHE the valley of difilement, especially 5-2, that was one of the worse and most annoying levels in all of video gaming history. Honestly the only reason why I killed this guy 2nd was because I wanted to finish the valley of difilement ASAP. Anyway, the dirty colossus is the boss of 4-2, leechmonger archstone.

Thats quite a number of attacks to go through, though I find it rather pointless since dirty colossus is simply another simple as hell boss. I wouldn't go as far as to say he is actuallly easier than old hero, but they are kinda tied in terms of difficulty, both easy pieces of shit. Still the only way you can die here is if you decide to range him, which is a stupid idea.

Fly swarm*- The dirty colossus shoots some swarms of flies in your direction if you are far away from him. Each swarm does moderate damage, but if are hit by 1 you will be hit by the rest, and that totals up to some pretty painful shenanigans. To top it off, the flies will stick to you, eating off your HP from time to time.

Swat- The boss just tries to swat you as if you were a fly. Does moderate damage.

Smash- The dirty colossus winds up his melee arm, and lets loose with a death defying blow, smashing through any forms of guarding and doing massive damage.

Triple swat- Just a simple 3 hit swat combo, nothing much to see here. Each hit does moderate damage, but 1 hit will knock you down so nothing much to worry about.

Fly burst- The dirty colossus does an explosion from within his body, bursting out flies in a sphere shaped explosion. Does moderate damage, with the same flies stickign effect as the fly swarm applying here.

Fly disperser-The dirty colossus hits the ground with his fly arm, and sends waves of flies underneath, causing towers of flies to sprout out randomly around him.

Thats alot of attacks, too bad most of them just waste your time are not worthy of mention. The key to killing the dirty colossus is only one thing. Melee. Yep, thats right, and of you who want to range him will find out that hes pretty nasty in attacking form afar, hitting him up close is 10 times easier. If you did a bow or magic build, so what? Dont be a wuss, just pick up a random melee weapon and fight him, even if your damage sucks, just apply turpentine, black turpentine, or sitcky white stuff, he is weak to magic and fire.

Your fighting arena is pretty big, but its kinda useless to use to your advantage since all you need to kill him is the very space less than 1 metre's reach within him. From afar, the boss will use fly swarm, and spray countless amounts of flies unto you. These do hurt, and the flies clinging onto you DO NOT help as they drain your HP over time. If you do get hit, you can patiently wait it out ( it will go away on its own) or touch one of the torches around you, to burn the flies away. You take some damage from the fire, but hey, at least you got rid of them flies.

In melee range the boss wont use fly swarm AT ALL, so you automatically win here. His swat and smash are VERY predictable and if you stay behind him, he probably wont hit you at all. Triple swat can be abit more unpredicatable but still nothing you cant avoid by staying behind him. Just hit him with your melee weapon and just take a few steps away when he starts attacking, you probably wont even get harmed.

Other than his physical hits, he has a few other tricks, though they aren't of much use too. Fly burst has pretty pathetic range, but if your stick too close you can get hit. Just move 3 steps away when you see him shivering himself up, since his about to blow. Fly disperser he only uses when his HP dips to a certain level, the towers of flies sprout about randomly, but arent too hard to notice. Just take a careful look around when meleeing him after he does that move. Anyway even if you get hit the damage is pretty lame but flies will stick to you, which is the only bad thing.

Taking all of these to mind dirty colossus is very easy, if you fight this one with caution, you will probably even make it out unscratched. The key here is not be be afraid, and get up close to dish out your hurt, taking this battle from afar just doenst work.

One more coming up!