Thursday, 20 January 2011

The awesomeness that is Dissidia Duodecim

Alright, its time for some fanatics! For awhile now, the demo for dissidia duodecim has been released, and boy, that there is some awesome shit! As a huge dissidia fan, I must say Im hyped for the full game, and cannot wait to see the final roster.

Lets break it down, duodecim takes place before that of the original dissidia, this game being the 12th cycle of battle, while the original is the 13th cycle. There are some changes, such as tidus being on the chaos side and jetch being on the cosmos side. And as far as new characters go, they are just awesome. The new characters are as follows, lightning(XIII), kain(IV), laguna(VIII), Vaan(XII), Tifa(VII) and Yuna(X), followed by the most recent ones revealed via the SE conference trailer, Prishe(XI) and Gilgamesh(V)(FUCCKKK YEAAAH).

As far as these characters go, they all are awesome, the only one I probably dont know about is prishe, but meh, I have faith that SE will make her awesome just like they did to shanttoto. Gilgamesh wasn't really revealed, but damn, the last part of the conference trailer with him saying "SASHIBURIDANA BARTZ!" was just too awesome to ignore, and that probably was more than enough of a clue to prove that hes in. Lightning I love, Im a huge FF 13 fan, so YAY, LIGHTNING FTW. Kain is cool, pretty much love FF 4 too, but I would say I would have been more pleased with rydia. Laguna Im not too sure about, all that I know is that he appears in squall's dreams (never finished 8), but damn his gameplay looks amazing! Best out of the new characters so far. Vaan I absolutely loathe, but if there was a 12 rep, it wud be him, so meh. Still his gameplay is kinda cool. Tifa I only like for her sexiness, her gameplay looks pretty normal to me, we will just have to wait and see. Yuna looks the 2nd best so far, with flooding the screen with aeons, thats just too awesome.

The demo released was fun, but seriously, its not enough! It just leaves me thirsting for more! Though the only 2 new playable characters were lightning and kain, they were a good experience. I spent most of my time as lightning, but I did try out kain as well. Overall Im loving lightning's gameplay more, but kain was far more interesting to use. With his anti air and rushdown moves, he seems to be an interesting character to play. Lightning was more agile and I played through her arcade a few times, but I kept getting my ass whopped when I ran into golbezes or terras. Fuck.

The assist system too was something to note off. Its an interesting new addition, but kinda hard to get used to. Anytime in battle, when your assist gauge is charged, you can call out your parter to dish out some hurt, and if that connects, you can rush in and dish out some hurt of your own too. Your partner hitting someone + you hitting that same person= double hurt. Its cool but if your partner gets hit he/she is temporily locked away, and the assist charge is quite hard to fill up to boot, so its kinda something that you have to use wisely.

Closing up, I would say ducodecim is shaping up to be quite an awesome game. Cant wait to see some gameplay footage of prishe and gilgamesh, and cant wait to see who gets revealed next. DAMN, all these hype is killing me. Since the news for marvel vs capcom 3 is dieing down, this has become my next game of focus.