Sunday, 16 January 2011

Street fighter 4

Gamespot score:9.0(editor's choice)

my score:7.9

(+)Pros:-Great visuals,-easy to learn fighting mechanics,- loads of extra challenges and trials to keep players intrested,-arcade mode has high replay value

(-)cons:- controls suck ass on the keyboard,- online play lags really badly,- characters lack VARIETY and DIVERSITY

gameplay time:20-30 hours( average)

First off, I have no idea how this got so much good ass reviews, most of which are 9 or more. Also, this is my 1st street fighter game, and though I admit it was fun, I kinda expected something more when it had scores of mostly 9s or more. I was stupid to jump straight into street fighter 4 really, I should have played some of the older ones first, so that I would know what to expect. Whelp, time to go shoryuken-ing some fools, or perhaps a hadoken? Would you like to see them for 1/3 the roster? Hmmmmm.

As with every fighting game with story modes, story revolves around all of the individual fighters, with the main focus obviously being ryu and ken, our 2 pepsi and cola reprisentitives from capcom, have always known who they are but only used them in capcom crossover games, never in thier own street fighter games. Still though all the stories of the characters revolve around participating in the world fighting tournament, they all have seperate reasons. Well in the end they still all end up fighting seth for different purposes one or another. The characters have thier own prolouges, but the epilouges are so short and inferior that at times it looks like capcom doenst really care about the story. Ah well..., I can say the same for some of the tekken endings actually.

Wud you look at that. Street fighter 4 has actually quite a sizable roster, and lets see, we have a few clones here and theere. AHA. Anyway, back to topic, I cant say much about comparison, but the character wise, theres nothing much to say, its quite an okay roster. Also, it has character customization, which is cool, theres quite alot to choose from, so its actually quite a good thing. And from all of these characters, most are begginer friendly, so its quite simple to pick up any of them and start training for online. Street fighter 4 has only arcade mode and versus mode to keep yourself busy for the beginning, after you get used to the game and who you want, you can jump into the trials( which are ridiculously fun) or online, which should keep you occupied for awhile.

Street fighter is quite easy to learn. There are a few button variations, specifically, the light, medium and heavy attacks, which are split between kicks and punches. These affect your moves, depending on which buton you press. Take viper for example, her shockwave activates either far, mid or close range, depending on your button presses. Also present are the special and fury gauges. Special gauges are used for your supers, and for powering up your other moves. By spending one special bar you can make your shoryuken hurt more, or make your lightning kicks even faster. These can help deal great damage. However if you wish not to waste these bars and save them, you get to use ur super, whcih of course, hurts even more. Your fury gauge,on the other hand, functions differently. It fills up when you get hit, when it reaches the max, you can unleash ur fury with an ultra, which, most of the time, if connects, will turn the tide of battle. Taking these in mind, online play and the trials will really keep you playing. As for trials, there are quite a few for you to do, and as you unlock more levels, things get more challenging. If you fail, you will just want to keep coming back to retry it. As for online, you are fighting real human guys who are stronger or just as strong as you, what more can you ask for?

The PC version of street fighter 4 sure lacks alot of things its console or arcade counterparts have. For one, if you aren't using a pad, fight stick or controller( like I am), the controls will suffer ALOT. Not that the game isnt fun anymore, you just wont be able to perform crazy controls like you would be able to with a controller, or fight stick. One other issue is the lack of fighter variety. The characters have very similar play styles, like abel or zangief, ryu/ken/sagat/sakura/guile my god theres really too much to go on. Its all hadukens and uppercuts, gawd. And finally we have the issue with online. If you challenge ping worthy fighters, be prepared for a very very laggy fight, and this happens most of the time.
On the PC, street fighter 4 doesn't translate well. Still if you can make out the most of the keyboard, you can still find yourself a pretty good fighter. Street fighter 4 does have one of the best looking visuals around, but lack of diversity really kills the game. Lets hope they add some more variety in thier next games.

Happy gaming.