Friday, 7 January 2011

Marvel vs Capcom 3:The story so far

Yo, the week is pretty hectic, for both myself with school life and the marvel vs capcom 3 commitee. First, things were getting out of hand with the 0 amount of reveals, and then things got worse when haggar and phoenix were revealed recently. Plus, the CES stream with the marvel vs capcom 3 matches were kinda.....worrying. It looks to me that there will be OP tiers again, with some of the characters and attacks being too gay.

First, for a reveal we have to mighty Mike haggar, great mayor of metro city. Mike's reveal trailer was awesome,speechless, he looks like a zangief thats so much better, cooler, and obviosuly stronger. His level 3 looks awesome and all his attacks hit like hell, about time we get a hard hitter from the capcom side.

Next up we have phoenix, aka jean grey. Phoenix is abit strange, she can either be extremely broken, or extremely lousy. Her health is downright pathetic, when dante was hammering her in her reveal trailer her health went down really really fast, but she also looks overpowered. In 1 part of the video it shows her using a hyper where she actually HEALS, and in another part she actually REVIVES when killed by dante, and she is revived as dark phoenix, which is even stronger than what she usually is!

This may be problematic, though her heal is a level 3 and revival is a level 5, I see her as a pretty overpowered character....BUT, too early to judge her until I have played the game myself, hope she doesnt cause balance issues.

................................... Haggar definetely proves whose the manlier one in this shot.

Anyway, the game is shaping up to look amazing, but the CES stream looks to have some disturbing issues. Dante looks too fking gay, his combos are LONG as hell and when used by Marn he was totally DOMINATING. Another gay one was viper, for some reason ( I think it was cause of the unfinished build) her damage was too damn high, more than half a bar gone with just a 5-6 hit combo....thats just madness. Storm's hail storm does some extremely gay chip damage, and trish's trap banoonza just looks plain unfair.

Im starting to think MVC2 is gonna happen again....but lets just hope not.

Definetely looking foward to MVC3 as it hits shelves 15 february.