Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Little big planet

Gamespot score:8.0(great)

my score:7.5

(+)Pros:- Story mode level design is innovative and creative,- overall game and character designs are rather charming,-Sackboy creating and customisation is fun,- level creating is highly addictive

(-)Cons:- super short story mode,-limited sackboy movement and whatnot,-creating levels is fun but annoying and limiting at times.

gameplay time:10-20 hours(below average)

Its a new year! And to kick it off, school is being a bitch, and I'm constantly being hammered by loads of nonsense. Yipee! Anyway heres the first review of 2011, the PSP version of little big planet. Now I know the PS3 little big planet was awesome and had lots of good reviews, heck I even experienced the fun myself with my cousin's PS3 and his version of the game.....though its really sad to say that the PSP version is highly inferior. Though it is still an overall good game to play and enjoy if you have friends, I think that little big planet should have stayed for the PS3......though the PSP thing isnt a bad idea really, its good that Sony actually tried it for the PSP, and it didnt turn out half bad.

In little big planet you play as a sackboy, a fragment of imagination. Sackboy, being a fragment of imagination, is supposed to travel the world's imaginations and ideas, as well as participate in nonsensical fanatics. Sackboy is brought to many areas, ranging from mountains to forests to factories and even frozen landscapes. Also, getting on ships and riding around in retarded wheeled planks are all part of sackboy's adventure. While story doesnt play a big part here, the narrative and content is a good listen.

Little big planter is a very very simple platformer, that everyone can easily pick up and have no problem mastering it in minutes. Heck, even 5 year old players can learn the basic platforming in this game wihtout a cinch. You go in 2D like levels, jump over obstacles to move on or pits and poisonous gas to avoid death. You follow set paths and go through tedious steps to collect bubbles for points, you try extra hard to reach an extra high areas to get those super rare items. Its almost too simple actually, but the unique charm and creative concept design make it all the more a different platformer for most to enjoy.

There are of course many other stuff that make little big planet more than a simple platformer that looks charming. First off, what made little big planet flourish for the PS3 in the first place...... the level design. You can make levels as you wish, using the in-game level designing tools itself, to make your levels and share it with the world. While making levels can be a long and tiring process, when you finally finish your level and it looks and plays exacly as you want, it feels awesome. Also, customizing sackboy is really cool, it may take awhile to unlock all the available looks for sackboy, but finding your sackboy the perfect look is crucial if you want to feel awesome everytime you play LBP. When you look at others' sackboy's, you will then see that yours actually stands out from the rest :).
Now for the bad stuff. The PSP version of LBP, as mentioned just now, is good, but inferior to the PS3 version. For one, like he PS3 version, story mode is lacking, very lacking. Less than 10 hours, 5-6 hours tops, even lesser if you rush through it. Also in the PSP version, there is limited sackboy control, as well as the limited level creation. Due to the PSP's memory restraints, creating too big or compelling levels are a killer on the UMD, making stuff like not being able to mass make blocks and having your level space reduced, its kinda sad.
PSP's LBP is good, but nothing compared to its PS3 counterpart. That being said, those who enjoy a little casual play more than everything else, little big planet is your game. Though I do think that the PSP version of the game is being overrated by lots of sites, I do recommend what they recommend, which is getting this game for some casual play and enjoyment.

Happy gaming.