Friday, 31 December 2010

Blazblue:Continuum shift

Gamespot score:8.0(Great)

my score:8.9

(+)Pros:-All characters are still ridiculously fun to play and are incredibly different from each other,-competitive online play,-new beginner mode lets newcomers pitch in for easier learning,- beautiful visuals and sprites,- has very in-depth story for a fighting game,-challenge mode helps players find thier footing in learning combos

(-)Cons:-Character count is still low (even if you count DLC characters),-score attack can be frustratingly difficult

Gameplay time:100 hours+(very long lasting)

2010 is coming to a close, and to finish off the year here's a great game to end it. 2010 saw a pathetic year for fighting games, most if not all the gaming websites didnt even HAVE any fighting game awards for thier genre awards for game of the year. The only 2 quality fighting game titles this year were super street fighter 4 and blazblue:Continuum shift. Naruto ultimate ninja storm 2 doesnt even COMPARE to these 2. Well, blazblue is obviously the next street fighter, sequels are popping up one after another, with calamity trigger being released less than a year before continuum shift, and with continuum shift 2 already out....its really quite a hassle for the Aksys people. Plus, word is that a new blazblue, crisis revered is already coming out. Impressive.

Blazblue:continuum shift acts as a sequel and its evens take place after that of calamity trigger. Once again though each character has his/her own individual story routes the game mainly focuses on the main character, Ragna the bloodedge. Still an "S" rank villian at large in kagutsuchi, life isnt easy for Ragna, he gets into more trouble here and there, but this time the game has a single antagonist that everyone, including ragna, must face. And that is none other than Hazama, aka Terumi, one of the 6 heroes. Wanting to smoulder the cauldron to create the ultimate god slayer sword, he is basically the big bad guy who everyone has to team up and fight later on. Despite the main story, the individual character's stories are great and entertaining, so its a win-win situation.

As with calamity trigger, continuum shift's character cast is extremely varied, and it doesnt fail to keep players wanting more. Though the choices were rather limited before, the increase in characters in continuum sift really isnt that much. We get 3 new in-disc characters and 3 new DLC characters(one of which hasn't been released yet). Once again, the new characters have great design and interesting playstyles, as do the rest of the cast. While the game's characters did receive nerfs thier play style each remains mostly unchanged, same goes to the game's mechanics, but there are a few small tweaks here and there,still nothing a little practice cant solve.

Lets first talk about gameplay modes. Since BB is a game with complicated mechanics afterall, the developers decided to throw in tutorial and challenge mode, which if you ask me, is a fantastic ideas. Tutorial(though boring), covers all BB basics and in no time you can pick up and play quite well. Challenge mode gives players a set command input of combos and lets them learn it. This is a good way for players who dont especially know much about the game learn abit more complicated combos. Then theres the classic arcade and practice mode.... along with story mode,score attack and legion. Story mode is obvious, score attacks puts players against all the game's characters in extreme difficulty, while legion is just a small minigame of conquest of fighting groups of ai characters. Oh and lets not forget versus and online, for competitive gameplay. Overall, all gameplay modes focus on its combat, which revolves around the interesting haracters. The old characters play the same, while new ones provide just as interesting playstyles. Hazama focusing on zipping in and out of opponent's range with his ouroborous, dealing devastating combos, tsubaki focuses on charge attacks to dish out painful charged attacks, Mu-12 plays a more mind-game based style, placing turrets here and there. With the new characters blazblue becomes more uniique and competitive than ever.

Now the game is amazing and all, but you have to agree, even with the 3 new characters and DLC characters, the total count for characters is only 18, WHICH IS STILL PATHETIC. The playstyles for the characters are very fun and varied, but seriously, until it exceeds at least 20 the character count sure is....lacking. Also, the score attack is ridiculously hard, hard enough to induce stress problems. Online is competitive and challlenging enough, score attacks takes it further. While starting characters like bang and taokaka arent TOO bad, later fights such as unlimited ragna (a totally broken fella),unlimited hakumen( a total bitch), and the incredibly broken ass unlimited hazama( oh the rage) , have you die countless times and you have to fight through the whole score attack again......its that annoying.
Blazblue:continuum shift is awesome, and its about to get even more awesome, since platina has yet to come. I havent played valkenhyne, but makoto is fun, and i can tell that both the old butler and platina will be fun too. Though I am pissed that they nerfed my rachel to hell( shes pathetic in this game), the game is still incredibly fun to play nonetheless.

Happy gaming!

Opening songs:OP 1-My soul,your beats!
As usual the fact stands that awesome animes end early......angel beats is one good example. 13 episodes of coolness, thats all it has to stand, if it was longer, a lot more people, me included, would be mighty pleased. It is very hard to describe angel beats, since its something not many shows have done before, its much like the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, with guns, and romance. Still, this is one of the most emotion touching shows with a very impacting ending, with a comparison to the code geass endings, which were genius.
My souls your beats is awesome. I waited a long long lLOOONG time for its full version to release back then. It also had a rock version at episode 4, which was good too. Angel beats also had full of insert songs by a band called girls dead monster( this band actually exists I think), and all of them are mighty beautiful as well. If I were to rate them 1 by 1 it would take forever, so I'll skip this.
Angel beats takes the setting with a turn to the weird right off the bat. The setting of the show takes place at a certain school, where everyone is dead, and reincarnated in the school. There, 2 existing factions stand, the battlefront and the NPCs. There is no war taking place mind you, its just that there are alot seperating the 2. NPCs, follow a certain program, and commit themselves to daily school life like robots, though they too once were teenagers and died. The battlefront however, is a group of students who distance themselves from the NPCs, avoiding to become just like them. They do thier own activities and hold meetings to sabotage the school, so that they don't turn into NPCs themsevles, since being peaceful and following school life without disruptions will bring them closer to being the NPCs.
Our main character is a strong willed teenager by the name of Otonashi. Otonashi starts out in the school having amnesia, and is unwillingly stabbed in the chest by the angel, a worrywart girl that the battlefront is constantly on the lookout for. While a stab through the chest should have outright killed a person, Otonashi awakes in the school infirmary, with no wound on his chest whatsoever, he then gets 99 hit combo-ed by a random student wielding an axe, and still lives. After a strange turn of events, he realises that people in this world dont die, and is suddenly recruited to the battlefront, hoping to find a way to regain his memories and to find out more about the place.
While angel beats starts out passive and leans more towards a comedic show with a little bit of action here and there, later, where characters of the show start to "ascend"( won't spoil what this is), the show starts getting a little bit more emotional and serious, with the ending leaving quite an emotional impact. I would say angel beats wins your typical everyday anime with a happy ending, its something different all on its own, and I would recommend anyone to watch it.

Time for more retarded boss fights, with today's contestant really being one of THE biggest assholes of all time. Blazblue:Continuum shift is a great game (review coming soon), but it has one of the most overpowered guys in all of fighting game history. Meet hazama, main antagonist of blazblue:Continuum shift, also the last boss in the arcade mode for most characters and one of the final battles for score attack mode. He also makes an appearance for a final battle in most characters' story ending.

With the execption of story mode's unlimited hazama( come on, its story mode, its supposed to be easy), the arcade mode and score attack mode's unlimited hazama are total dicks, especially the score attack one. As much as I love hazama as a character( both personality and gameplay wise), he is really too damn overpowered as an unlimited character.

Heres the catch, unlimited just a jerk. The game makes it so that everytime you fight him, he's on an advantage, especially in score attack, where you can't use unlimited characters. If you fight him with normal characters and you are not of extreme gameplay level, unlimited hazama will probably screw you a few times over before you can even win. Call me whatever you want, but I find him harder than unlimited ragna( which already, is as powerful as hell with cheap ass high damage).

Okay, so having more attack, defense and possibly being better in every aspect than you are in terms of statistics, whats more he's the only unlimited character in the game with a special aura. Thing is, whenever you try to go in and do melee damage, you will be in the range of his aura, and as long as you are within this aura, you take damage and HE, regens health.

Thats fucked up.

This is more-ever so the case in score attack, he murders you everytime you go near him to attack by blocking, then he starts to wack you for alot of damage. His specials too, each one takes around 1/3 of your health, and they come really unexpectedly

Beating him is an absolute PAIN, and in score attack, if you lose, you have to start over from stage 1, which is crap, since you have to fight through already an insane amount of crazy opponents to get to him ( score attack tager and unlimited hakumen are incredibly tough), and when you finally get to him, you just lose again. Also, in arcade mode, even if you manage to beat him( after god knows how many tries), in the canon ending for the character, it still shows you getting beat up by him, with him only getting a few scratches while your character stands being extremely beat up( altough YOU are the one who won him).

Damn, unlimited hazama is truly the ultimate troll, he makes people rage, especially those who aren't godly at this game. I didnt know how much hair I lost trying to even beat this guy.


Video 1 (successful attempt)-
Video 2 -

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Demons's souls boss profile: Old hero

Boss health

Old hero
Skills:Random attack, Counter attack, Sword wave*, Explosion

Times died on 1st playthrough:1

After the long journey of killing all the first bosses of the respective worlds, I patted myself on the back and decided which 2nd boss to tackle. Shrine of storms was a great place to farm souls, with all the pesky reapers around, so I just played this stage over and over( and dieing alot of course), till I met the old hero. I must say I'm not particularly amused at this guy, he doesn't even look at all intimidating. Ah well, what can I say since he's one of the easiest bosses in the game. Old hero is the boss for 4-2, adjudicator archstone.

Thats quite the HP jump, but if you should die even once against the old hero, you are either extremely unprepared, or just plain careless. With the right items (thief's ring), old hero is one of the simplest bosses in the game. The key here is to take the battle slow, rushing him will only result in instant death.

Random attack- The old hero just smacks a random spot really hard. Unblockable and most likely one hit kills.

Counter attack- If you smack the old hero for too long, he just does a quick swing in whatever direction you hit him from. Unblockable and probably one hit kills too.

Sword wave*- If you smack the old hero for too long or range him from far away for too long, he does a jump and releases an unblockable sword wave that flies towards you at insane speed. This, like most of his other attacks, have the potential to one hit kill.

Explosion- The old hero stabs his sword into the ground and releases a devastating AOE blast. Obviously unblockable, but strangely doesnt do as much damage as his other attacks. You might actually survive this one.

First off, you must know that the old hero is a blind fool. Anything you do, including dance in front of him, he cant see it. And because he is blind, he has to rely on his surroundings to detect you. So the only way that he will actually aim an attack at you, is when you hit him. Counting that in mind, thief's ring is the ultimate weapon against the old hero, since with it, his chances of detecting you are even lower, everytime you hit him and move away, he won't even attack you.

Even so, its stupid to underestimate him, since most of his attacks are one hit kills. My one and only death with him was when I just hit him like a crazy dude and expected him not to notice me, only to get flicked away by his counter attack.

The old hero will roam around the straight hallway, through and fro, randomly smacking random pillars here and there. You'd be a complete idiot to get hit by one of those, just stay at a considerable distance away from him. If you want to attack him, just do one hit, be it range or melee, and just move away. After the roar animation, he will just continue doing his busniess, and won't even bother hitting you.

If you however, mess up and hit him extra times, he gets pissed and will counter attack after his roar. This is easily dodged by a quick roll, but he does this really quickly, so like wise, you will have to roll quickly. If he notices you from a range attack, he will instead hit you with his sword wave, which is basically just a ranged version of his counter attack.

Finally theres his exlposion, which has quite some range, but doesnt quite compare to his other attacks in terms of damage. This too, like most of his other attacks, is only used when you are noticed, but is easily avoided, since it takes quite some time to start up.

Seriously, thats about it. If you take this fight with caution,do it slowly and steadily, you won't even see him attack you with his latter 3 moves. For final advice, just nail him with whatever you have once, let him finish roaring, nail him again. Seriously, its not that hard, the only way for you to die is to be careless.


Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Soul calibur:Broken destiny

gamespot score:7.5(good)

my score:7.9

(+)Pros:-Roster size is quite big,- great control shceme despite being on the PSP,- visuals aren't half bad,- character customization is a ton of fun,- roster is very well balanced with the exepction of one character.

(-)Cons:-Gaunlet mode is absolutely retarded,-lack of single player content,-Kratos is stupidly overpowered

gameplay time:10-20 hours(Below average)

Played soul calibur? You should have, soul calibur has always been one of namco's most successful titles. The soul calibur franchise has seen no shortage of titles in its series, broken destiny is indeed the 5th soul calibur game, though its just a remake of 4 for the PSP. And like most soul caliburs which included guest characters, broken destiny also introduces Kratos, the infamous god of war, as a playable character. This is enough to draw crowds to play this great game, but as many would have guessed, broken destiny on the PSP is a mite lower in terms of standard compared to all the previous soul caliburs to date.

Broken destiny's story is the same as soul calibur 4, or in fact, same as almost every other soul calibur. It features the battle over the soul edge, and the eternal conflict between the wielder of the soul calibur siegfried, and the wieler of the soul edge, nightmare. Except that this time there is a third party wielding both soul edge and the soul calibur, going by the name of algol. Its incredibly unfortunate that the game doesn't really focus on its epic story background, thanks to the ridiculous gaunlet mode, which does incredibly poor story telling, and rather focuses on other cmedic and stupid stuff. More on that later.

Namco is amazing in roster size when it comes to thier fighters. Tekken 6 had an amazing 40 character roster size. Soul calibur isn't too far behind, with a headcount of 28 characters plus 16 of your own self created characters, the roster can go to as large as 44 characters. Not too shabby indeed. Plus with the insane character creation options, you can go nuts and have a ton of fun when creating your characters. Your female character can dress as sexy as you wish for her to be, and your male character can be made as cool or as knightly as you make him to be. Even better, you can select thier fight styles from the initial available 26 (minus kratos and algol), and choose thier, voice, speech, hair and many more. Its really impressive to see female zassamalel,siegfried,mitsurugi and many more. Though its kinda funny to see a male using a female character's fighting style, since it absolutely doesn't fit. Still, as you unlock better looking armor and equipment as you fight more, your options keep increasing, the character customization just keeps giving. Though as for the initial characters, it wouldnt hurt to save some characters as unlockables, as a self opinion I don't like to have every character in the game unlocked from the get go.

The battle system in broken destiny works as with every other soul calibur game, applying its effective yet enjoyable control scheme to the PSP. Like with all of its previous games, holding back doens really let you block, you have to press X or your specifically set block button to do so. This may prove to be rather uncomfortable at the beginning, but as you play you get used to it and will see that soul calibur is not your average fighting game. Unlike games like street fighter, each of the 28 characters each have distinctly different fight styles and varrying command lists, so playing and experimenting with each and every character is still fun since they are all different. Nightmare and siegfried hit hard and have long range, rapheal and amy do quick but weak strikes, ivy has long range but weak damage, playing with different characters and mastering them will provide you with satisfaction as you finally fight through god knows how many levels in the endless trial.

Now soul calibur looks like it has many things going on in its story, but broken destiny does a bad bad way telling the story. Gaunlet mode is just ridiculous, it spends stupidly long paragraphs of text telling the ridiculous tale of random characters without focusing on any point. Plus its such a pain to actually move on in the gaunlet mode anyway, since the proceeding fights and tasks are such a bore and pain. Not counting gaunlet mode, theres actually not much to do in broken destiny. Sure the trials are good fun, especially endless trial, but quick battle doesnt really satisfy, and training should always be in a fighting game. Other than that theres no proper arcade mode, or perhaps a proper story mode as well (gaunlet mode Lastly, I know kratos is a guest character and all, but did they have to make him so godamn overpowered? I mean, range,power,mobility,attack variety....he has it all. Everyone using him can pawn the crap out of the AI, its not really fun, and when the AI uses him, he will most likley murder you.
For a first on the PSP, soul calibur is looking good, with combat being as slick as ever and having solid character customization, its a good attempt toward the PSP. Now if only they were to make a soul calibur 5......

Happy gaming.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Rf online

gamespot score:n/a

my score:7.7

(+)Pros:-Incredible visuals,- quest system is suprisingly convinient,- huge variety of playstyles due to different races and classes,- race wars are a cool idea to promote gameplay even after maxing out the level cap

(-)cons-Leveling after 35 is a humongous pain,- skill system is extremely tedious,- difficult for noobs to enter FFA zones since PKers are everywhere

Behold the epitome of MMOs that is Rf online. Rf is one of the many MMOs out there, and are one of the few which actually does well. Compared to other MMO blockbusters like dekaron and Cabal, Rf is a little inferior, but definetely LOOKS to be around those two's tier. Though among free MMORPGs Rf is definetely one of the key games out there, and still remains one of the most populated ones.

The story of Rf online talks about a war, a war between 3 nations. Im actually interested in its story, like with cabal and dekaron. In the current episode 3 I played, the opening cinematics show the bellato union fighting against the accreatian machines. After a few kills the bellato boy in the robot in knocked out and about to be killed. Before the final hit is landed he is saved by the coral nation. This could actually make another awesome RPG with an amazing story to kick some ass, but meh.

Rf has some impressive visuals, one of the best out there in fact. When I played cabal I thought it had the best online game visuals ever, guess I was stumped when I ran into Rf online. The graphics easily top or rival that cabal. Lighting, texture and many other graphical aspects make this game really excel. Visually, its just that amazing, no matter which of the 3 races you play as, the charater models look great too. The bellato and the coral look quite similar, they all have the "cute" look. The accreata however, look the best, with robotic frames that really make them look as good or better than those gundam models you have at home. The later level frames are badass, I have to say, being an ex-accreata player myself.

As mentioned before RF features 3 races, each with thier very own classes, skills and job promotions. Each race has thier own promotions that obviously determine how they fight later on, all of which classes play an important part during race wars, such as tank in the frontline, attack from behind, or even more obscure jobs such as planting turrets, repairing stuff and planting mines. Its really crazy, and this is what makes race wars worth anticipating. For other in-game features, Rf also excels in some ways. For one, the quest system is really convinient. Unlike most MMOs where if you take and complete a quest, you have to report back to the quest giver. In Rf, when you complete the quest you can report it on the spot through a PDA or something, this saves alot of time, especially since Rf's maps and areas are particularly quite huge. But other than that, battling is a pretty simple chore of just double clicking an enemy and following up with the number button for skills.

While Rf is amazing in many ways its still like many MMORPGs out there. Grinding was never an issue in this game, until you hit level 35 and have to leave for another continent.....thats where shit gets real. The monsters there are tough as nails, and even if you tackle the weakest monsters there, it takes a looong time to kill, and thus exp raking is really slow. Whats more, that continent, like many other places in the game, is open to player PKs, which are really common. Out of nowhere some level 50 character will just pop out of nowhere and just one shot you, its really really annoying. This happens really commonly, so it gets old real quick. The skill system also takes a dip towards the annoying here. To level up your skill, you have to speciifically use that skill over and over to increase it. Say bye to all your precious MP potions.
As an MMORPG, Rf online is a good one, since nowadays there are so many pathetic MMORPG that give the genre itself a bad name. Rf elevates itself over the majority by placing itself with awesome visuals, variety and a very addictive race war feature.MMORPG fans, Rf online will not disappoint.

Happy gaming.

Alright! Lets continue with the STGCC. Basically, the summary of the event itself has already been wrapped up. Today's post is bascially about what I bought there, so if you can't be bothered with what I bought, just skip to the final paragraph.

Anyway, money spent=$65, for me anyway. Thats quite alot concerning my pathtic budget. My bro spent some money, around $50-ish. Still, the goods that we got were pretty damn worth it, so most of these were kinda good purchases.

1st up, my miku phone strap. Well since it was already hooked onto my handphone, there was no way for me to take the picture well, so it turned out really big since I kinda fixated it in front of my phone camera. Miku is so damn cute, couldnt resist this, and it was only $3, so I just bouhgt it.

Next up are my posters. This here is my 250 gsm black rock sooter wallpepaper. Gotta say, loving this one, probably my favourite poster among the 3. The artwork for this is just fantastic, but kinda pricey IMO. This was $10.

My 2nd poster. This one came along with a clannad poster that I gave to my bro, both cost $10 altogether, it was quite a bargain. Plus, I really love vocaloid, so theres really nothing much for me to say here.

This here are my 3 posters lined up altogether, the black rock shooter and vocaloid ones were the ones that were bought from the STGCC, the leftmost one was my only souvenier from AFA. I must say, I wonder how my wall will look like next year when I line more posters up.

And next my most expensive item, the black rock shooter herself. Oh my bloody god this figurine cost me a whopping $45. Well I couldnt help it I was eyeing her since the AFA, good thing the figurine was still being sold here at the STGCC. Nothing much really, just a japan made figurine that had changable hair, faces, weapons, hands and whatnot, not really for playing, just for display purposes.

Seriously, altough it looked really simple it was hard as hell to get her pose right, and those hands are so damn hard to fit in -.-. She had a huge cannon too but I had too much problem fitting it in so I went with the sword after much deliberation. Also, the figurine itself included a DVD disc with 7 language subtitles of the black rock shooter original animation. Tough I watched it before I just put the disc in and watched again. The quality really deserved a 2 thumbs up, good thing it came with subtitles though.

Next up is my brother's chibi white glint. It was a pain in the ass to fix, but I must say it turned out pretty good. Though it was mostly my brother's work, I did help a few way. There were wings to it and I told my brother to put it on, but he said it was too much of a pain in the ass to, so meh, it turned out like this. Still pretty good I must say.

The 2 figurines in my room. Pretty awesome I must say, this section will probably expand next year as well, so yeah.

Mio-chan!!!! This here is a K-on button I bought for a measly $4. I wanted ritsu originally, but since my bro's fren got it, I didnt want to copy him. And this was the last I just basically wanted to troll the next guy who wanted a Mio button. Troll face!!

Next up is a key... Well, its just the oathkeeper keyblade in a minature form, its attached to my ring of keys now. This cost $3 too.....but there was a bigger one featuring cloud's sword, that was pure badass, but it was $15, so....meh....

Finally, the most troll item of them all, a pandora hearts exclusive pocket watch. Altough I never did watch the show, this pocket watch was super badass. I mean like whoever wields this will be fuck yeah-ing all the time when they check the time! This solid watch of gold cost $20, but its pretty farking worth it.
Whelp that about wraps up STGCC 2010. I must say that the event itself is a tad bit lousier than the AFA, it was less crowded too. Still I cant mark this as a lousy event, it was good merchandise wise, but as an overall AFA was just better. Still, I may be back for this next year, its still an event more than worth to attend.
Kudos to STGCC, see you again next year.

Yawnn.....Well that was great. Just yesterday I went on another trip to a convention, the Singapore toy games and comic convention. I must say, I very much prefered the anime festival asia, but this was a blast too. Thing is, I actually spend a good amount of cash in this one, both me and my brother, that is. One note, though its called the Singapore toy, games and Comic convention, I spent 90% of my time oggling at the toys ( figurines would be a better word). The games and comics sections were.........meh, not really eye catching, but well they are worth a mention. And once again, stupid me forgot to bring a proper these picture qualities won't be that good. STILL, yeah got quite a few good shots ( mostly of figurines), so yeah, enjoy.

Unlike the AFA, I wasn't really prepared for this. Seriously, I didnt even think I was gonna go for this, since I had a pile of work to do, especially since the next week is my final week of school before a 2 weeks holiday. Still, there I was, enjoying my time. Anyway, unlike the AFA I didnt go for this like 8am or something, I actually took my time, since I wasnt really anticipating this a whole lot.

So I went there with my brother, and my brother's friend, since my previous AFA mates were having some stupid public speaking module. Arrived there around 2-ish pm, bought a ticket which cost like $13? After that we cut to the chase and just went to the convention.

On the way, there were a ton of cosplayers. Seriously, this isnt even much about anime! Still, there were a ton of then, so I was thinking to come back later to take pictures, for now, we just went for the convention.

The place was big, but wasnt particularly eye catching, there wasnt much that caught my eye besides a big ass stage with some maid cosplayers singing some jap song. The crowds here were huge, but lesser than the AFA. Still, there were notable marvel booths and some other goods booths, none of which caught my interest. The games section was a total letdown, there was nothing there besides old games with discounts. There were free game demos with micheal jackson-the experience using the kinect, time crisis 4, and some wii shooter. Micheal jackson was a disaster, having seen so many crazy and....obseen people dance is....really scary. I mean, the kinect dancing is really really scary and stupid, no wonder the game got stupid reviews. Time crisis 4 was okay, but it was much more fun to play at the arcade. The wii shooter was sad, there werent much players, and the game looked pretty suckish.

Now for the main attraction(For me anyways), the figurine displays. There were loads of them, and seriously most of them are sick. Here we have a set of gurren lugann goodies. Though I didnt watch them its easy to tell how awesome these are.

Here are even more goodies, though these I don't know what game or show are they from. Lovin that teddie bear.

Fk yeah sngoku basara! Date masamune and sanada yukimura are awesome, and these figurines more than enough prove it. Image was quite blurry cause there were a lot of people taking photos, and probably I couldnt stay here for too long.

Zzzzz.....Blurry once again. Anyway this shot was dedicated more towards professor layton, whose games are gonna be played by me soon. The guys beside him were pretty cool too, too bad I dont even know who they are.

More goodies. There no one in this shot that I really know. I guess I took it for the lolz. Moving on.

Ahh, Halo and armored core. Amazing firugines for amazing franchises. The armored core is a little small but its cool. The halo guys look pretty good themselves, really diggin the details they put on the models.

Dante and nero bitches. Too bad they arent as cool as firugines as they are as characters. Still worth a mention though.

The final fantasy 13 team. Pretty awesome job here, but no lightning strikes me pretty confused, why did they leave out the hottest HD character ever made? Hmm, go figure. Snow and odin were in the case, but my phone cam was too suckish to include them in it.

Assasin's creed! ASSASINO!!!!! Anyway, Im not a creed player, so I dont know much, have no idea if this is brother enzio or altair, though Im really thinking this is enzio. Sad, no love for Altair.

Heres some awesomeness. Final fantasy fans will love this case, with Cloud in it with his all so awesome pose. Theres sephiroth in it too, but couldnt catch him in this shot. Along with the 2 popular final fantasy 7 boys, theres also some love for dissidia via figurines. Also in the case are cloud, tidus, squall and zidane in thier figruines with thier dissidia poses. Pretty awesome alright, its too bad I couldnt find these for sale.

Fullmetal alchemist is quite the thing in the convention. Cosplayers and figurines alike, there were plenty to behold. These here figurines were pretty damn amazing, really diggin the poses and design for alphonse and roy mustang.

Erm.....once again nothing much I know in here, so I'll jus skim through real quick. Well theres only the dude from gintama, and kakashi, nothing really special here.

Rage guy. These were the very figures I wanted from the AFA!! They were here too! I raged when I saw this, then I trolled. I brought money this time, so I didnt have to wait for next year to buy this. BUAHAHAHA. Anyway, black rock shooter was still quite the in thing around here, glad that these figurines are still around.

The vocaloids chibi team! This were pretty cute, but had no idea where to find them -.-. Well not that I wanted these since now I got myself a nice miku hand phone strap......still, these were pretty good.

Blah blah blah, more failed attempts to make me jealous. More black rock shooter stuff, its just too bad for them this time I had the money to buy these.

These were enough to troll most of the crowd. Lucky star, its glad to see that this was still so popular, so many dudes were taking photos of this. Good thing I sneaked in just in time to take 1 solid shot.

Some love for one piece. Its too bad Im not even a fan of the show. Still, nico robin looks really hot, and thats about all I like for this case I guess, since I dont know most of these guys.

Ahh hell naw, now Im really raging. K-on was pretty solid, having 2 solid cases just for themselves. The figurines themselves were really good, but the lack of ritsu love really disappoints me.

The 2nd half of the K-on case. I love mio and azusa, so this made me rage. Goddammit I hate those guys. And, same as the usual, the lack of ristu love disappoints me, she is by far my favourite girl.

Is that flonne I see? Anyway, the main focus for this is that lady from valkyria chronicles, loving that sword.
Of course, we cannot underestimate the otakuness of singapore, cosplaying is quite the thing in STGCC, and sniping them pictures of them is obviously a must. After roaming around the cosplay floor and the convention itself, I got me some pretty good pics, though I didnt get as many as during AFA......Here they are.

There was a fancy cosplay booth in the convention itself, where any cute girl was supposed to go in and hug a bear and write something. .......What was that about? Anyway, this received a load of attention when a girl went in, so yeah, I was joining the group of mad photographers in taking shot....the only problem is that I only took 1.

Pata-pata-pata pon. If only I had a PSP to start trolling with the patapon game.....Well, nothing much to say here, these people did an awesome job with coming up with the patapon costumes, really wasnt expecting this.

The winners today go to these people. Though Im not a huge fan of the halo series these people had kick-ass costumes and they posed well to boot. Im glad I took a picture, and a clear one at that.

Had no idea who these were, probably just a crossover of a group of guys holding different weapons posing together. Not too bad if I do say so myself.

Runner-ups of the cosplay awards go to........this guy. Monster hunter was rare and I probably didnt expect that there would even be a monster hunter cosplayer. This guy suprised me, nice costume and sword, it was really awesome.
Well thats all for part 1 of SGTCC, the next part will just be about me talking about the goods I got, which are mostly awesome. Peace for now, look foward to part 2!