Sunday, 19 December 2010

Rf online

gamespot score:n/a

my score:7.7

(+)Pros:-Incredible visuals,- quest system is suprisingly convinient,- huge variety of playstyles due to different races and classes,- race wars are a cool idea to promote gameplay even after maxing out the level cap

(-)cons-Leveling after 35 is a humongous pain,- skill system is extremely tedious,- difficult for noobs to enter FFA zones since PKers are everywhere

Behold the epitome of MMOs that is Rf online. Rf is one of the many MMOs out there, and are one of the few which actually does well. Compared to other MMO blockbusters like dekaron and Cabal, Rf is a little inferior, but definetely LOOKS to be around those two's tier. Though among free MMORPGs Rf is definetely one of the key games out there, and still remains one of the most populated ones.

The story of Rf online talks about a war, a war between 3 nations. Im actually interested in its story, like with cabal and dekaron. In the current episode 3 I played, the opening cinematics show the bellato union fighting against the accreatian machines. After a few kills the bellato boy in the robot in knocked out and about to be killed. Before the final hit is landed he is saved by the coral nation. This could actually make another awesome RPG with an amazing story to kick some ass, but meh.

Rf has some impressive visuals, one of the best out there in fact. When I played cabal I thought it had the best online game visuals ever, guess I was stumped when I ran into Rf online. The graphics easily top or rival that cabal. Lighting, texture and many other graphical aspects make this game really excel. Visually, its just that amazing, no matter which of the 3 races you play as, the charater models look great too. The bellato and the coral look quite similar, they all have the "cute" look. The accreata however, look the best, with robotic frames that really make them look as good or better than those gundam models you have at home. The later level frames are badass, I have to say, being an ex-accreata player myself.

As mentioned before RF features 3 races, each with thier very own classes, skills and job promotions. Each race has thier own promotions that obviously determine how they fight later on, all of which classes play an important part during race wars, such as tank in the frontline, attack from behind, or even more obscure jobs such as planting turrets, repairing stuff and planting mines. Its really crazy, and this is what makes race wars worth anticipating. For other in-game features, Rf also excels in some ways. For one, the quest system is really convinient. Unlike most MMOs where if you take and complete a quest, you have to report back to the quest giver. In Rf, when you complete the quest you can report it on the spot through a PDA or something, this saves alot of time, especially since Rf's maps and areas are particularly quite huge. But other than that, battling is a pretty simple chore of just double clicking an enemy and following up with the number button for skills.

While Rf is amazing in many ways its still like many MMORPGs out there. Grinding was never an issue in this game, until you hit level 35 and have to leave for another continent.....thats where shit gets real. The monsters there are tough as nails, and even if you tackle the weakest monsters there, it takes a looong time to kill, and thus exp raking is really slow. Whats more, that continent, like many other places in the game, is open to player PKs, which are really common. Out of nowhere some level 50 character will just pop out of nowhere and just one shot you, its really really annoying. This happens really commonly, so it gets old real quick. The skill system also takes a dip towards the annoying here. To level up your skill, you have to speciifically use that skill over and over to increase it. Say bye to all your precious MP potions.
As an MMORPG, Rf online is a good one, since nowadays there are so many pathetic MMORPG that give the genre itself a bad name. Rf elevates itself over the majority by placing itself with awesome visuals, variety and a very addictive race war feature.MMORPG fans, Rf online will not disappoint.

Happy gaming.