Monday, 6 December 2010

Yugioh 5Ds tag force 4

gamespot score:n/a

my score:8.0

(+)Pros:-New visual improvement both 2D and 3D wise,-new hearts system makes it much easier to fill up hearts,-much more partners to choose from to increase replay value,-has a much larger area to roam about it.

(-)cons:-other than main sotry characters the rest of the minor ones all have the same "tournament" storyline,-tag duel AI still sucks terribly

gameplay time:20-30 hours(average)

I want to archive my reviews....but Im not sure how -.-. Anyway, for today, the game reviewed will be yugioh 5Ds, tag force 4. Sure sure tag force 5 is out, but I havent played it, and I have only done up till 3. Im still behind time for reviews so I'll try to pick up the pace, my next period of holidays are coming soon so I assume I will have to time to do more reviews to quickly catch up. So yeah, being the 1st 5Ds yugioh game on the PSP, its pretty big. There were huge overhauls, mostly the visuals and the addition of the synchro system. Its good that they didnt add turbo duels in though, that would have sucked tremendously.

Story wise, like most yugioh games, it follows that of the anime. The arc that follows this game is the dark signers arc, which is now, quite old. Anyway, expect to fight dark signers when teaming up with main story characters during thier individual stories, mostly with the signers, since the minor non existant characters each get stupid stories.

Like in all of the previous tag force games, the hearts system still takes effect. But unlike in tag force 2 or 3, tag force 4 starts you off with no hearts for all the characters in the game (tag force 1 deja vu anyone?). So like tag force 1, you go around dueling whoever who want to raise thier hearts. If theres specifically someone you want to be your partner, all you need to do is duel him/her until the 1st heart fills, then you will initiate a story event during the next day after you maxed the heart out. Do this until 4 hearts are filled to clear that particular character's story. Simple as pie. There are a lot of available partners this time round so theres alot of replay value to go around.

The gameplay system, remains as one of the game's only unchanging factors. You get what you got in the old games, destiny draw, syncrho and whatnot. And of course tag duels still remain as the game's main focus, though you will still be solo dueling most of the time as your partners will screw you up big time. All the story duels are tag duels, thats bummer big time, since some of the story duels can be really really hard. Speaking of which the visual animations during dueling have improved, slighty. They redid most if not all of the character models, though they still dont have voice, they do look more polished than the older models. Also the character portraits look more defined, and the old map roaming system is gone, its changed to an all new 2D area to area roaming mechnic. Though each area is slighty smaller than an area in the old tag force games' duel academy, there are much MUCH more areas to walk around. The areas are split into 3 categories, satelite(low class), city(mid class) and the higher new domino city areas( high class), and each oof these areas are filled with duelists, so one can duel to hi/her heart's content.

So far, from tag force 1 to 4, 4 is possibly the best of them all, but even the best has flaws. All the minor characters, though they have stories just like the other story characters, their stories are all the same, and its pretty lame. They all have "tournament" storylines, where its all just about beating people until you get the trophy for yourselves. Also, as a flaw that keeps carrying over from the previous tag force the horrible partner AI. Though through the course of the game you get to update thier decks(as always), they still manage to screw up or do stupid things 85% of the time. I really hope konami fixes this stupid AI shit soon, I mean, they always seem smarter when they are playing against you, but never when they are playing WITH you.
Though 5Ds is a lot different from GX conecpt wise, those who are willing to adapt to the change and play tag force 4, will find a huge improvement to the game, not just visually, but as a game overall. I havent tried tag force 5, but I would say 4 is a great game, a big step foward for the tag force series.

Happy gaming!