Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Demos galore!

Im too lazy to do any reviews today...since Im so tired from yesterday's demo fiasco. Well basically I was just playing game demos the whole day....... It was really hectic, I played like 5 demos for a long time, and slept at like 2-ish am.

Seriously, them demos are fun as heck. Here's what I have been playing that were fun....and what I probably will be getting.

Demo: Space invaders infinity gene

Ever played space invaders? I played it on the GBC loong long loooong time ago. It was an old style retro game with really unstylized graphics back then. This demo I downloaded on the PSN changed all that. The start menu and 1st stage was so retro, they wanted to make you think it was an old school game like it was so long ago, until.....a message of adapting to change appeared....then shit got real and everything totally revitalized.

Seriousy, forget everything you used to know about space invaders, get ready to experience something like never before, I can say, without a doubt, this beats those arcade space ship shooters by a ton.

Demo: Pac man champsionship DX

Another retro game. Pac man DX received wondrous scores from so many sites, so I decided to give this a spin. Good desicion I made.

Pac man DX is pac man in a much more impressive looking presentation. Though the core gameplay of getting dots and eating ghosts still remains, they made alot of changes to make the game more enjoyable. For one, the use of bombs hav been permitted, allowing you to send ghosts back to thier start point. Sleeping ghosts are also a new addition, along with a fact that now an unlimited amount of ghosts can spawn, instead of 5. Its that great, wheres my money!!?!!

Demo: Scott pilgrim vs the world

Them retro games are indeed dominating. Scott pilgrim versus the world is another demo that I downloaded with the retro feel, along with pac man and space invaders . Once again, this was a demo that amused me.

You play as scott pilgrim, who got himself a girlfriend. Thing is, she has 7 evil ex boyfriends. So the game is about you playing as scott to beat all them evil ex-boyfriends. The game is co-op, so up to 4 players can join up to beat the endless amounts of thugs until you reach the boss, the evi ex-boyfriend.

Demo:Castle crashers

Next up is a game from newgrounds, castle crashers. You all know newgrounds right? They made countless free games for those online gaming websites like armorgames, mofun zone and many more.

Well I tink this was thier 1st PS3 game, and i must say...its a good one. Castle crasher features 4 different playable characters, and a simple,straightforward yet addictive beat them up gameplay. Everything, ranging from the graphics to battle system is downright funky, making a somewhat worthy game

Demo:Ghost trick:Phantom detective

Finyllay we have ghost trick, which is now playable by flash at gamespot's website.

The 4th wall breaking factor in this game is really lol, and from what I can see its full of humour. As expected from the developers of the ace attorney games, this game really stands out. You get to travel and posses different objects, then use trick to make them function in many different ways. After all, you are playing as a dead person. Definetely one game that I will be getting.

Thats it for now, peace.