Yawnn.....Well that was great. Just yesterday I went on another trip to a convention, the Singapore toy games and comic convention. I must say, I very much prefered the anime festival asia, but this was a blast too. Thing is, I actually spend a good amount of cash in this one, both me and my brother, that is. One note, though its called the Singapore toy, games and Comic convention, I spent 90% of my time oggling at the toys ( figurines would be a better word). The games and comics sections were.........meh, not really eye catching, but well they are worth a mention. And once again, stupid me forgot to bring a proper camera.....so these picture qualities won't be that good. STILL, yeah got quite a few good shots ( mostly of figurines), so yeah, enjoy.

Unlike the AFA, I wasn't really prepared for this. Seriously, I didnt even think I was gonna go for this, since I had a pile of work to do, especially since the next week is my final week of school before a 2 weeks holiday. Still, there I was, enjoying my time. Anyway, unlike the AFA I didnt go for this like 8am or something, I actually took my time, since I wasnt really anticipating this a whole lot.

So I went there with my brother, and my brother's friend, since my previous AFA mates were having some stupid public speaking module. Arrived there around 2-ish pm, bought a ticket which cost like $13? After that we cut to the chase and just went to the convention.

On the way, there were a ton of cosplayers. Seriously, this isnt even much about anime! Still, there were a ton of then, so I was thinking to come back later to take pictures, for now, we just went for the convention.

The place was big, but wasnt particularly eye catching, there wasnt much that caught my eye besides a big ass stage with some maid cosplayers singing some jap song. The crowds here were huge, but lesser than the AFA. Still, there were notable marvel booths and some other goods booths, none of which caught my interest. The games section was a total letdown, there was nothing there besides old games with discounts. There were free game demos with micheal jackson-the experience using the kinect, time crisis 4, and some wii shooter. Micheal jackson was a disaster, having seen so many crazy and....obseen people dance is....really scary. I mean, the kinect dancing is really really scary and stupid, no wonder the game got stupid reviews. Time crisis 4 was okay, but it was much more fun to play at the arcade. The wii shooter was sad, there werent much players, and the game looked pretty suckish.

Now for the main attraction(For me anyways), the figurine displays. There were loads of them, and seriously most of them are sick. Here we have a set of gurren lugann goodies. Though I didnt watch them its easy to tell how awesome these are.

Here are even more goodies, though these I don't know what game or show are they from. Lovin that teddie bear.

Fk yeah sngoku basara! Date masamune and sanada yukimura are awesome, and these figurines more than enough prove it. Image was quite blurry cause there were a lot of people taking photos, and probably I couldnt stay here for too long.

Zzzzz.....Blurry once again. Anyway this shot was dedicated more towards professor layton, whose games are gonna be played by me soon. The guys beside him were pretty cool too, too bad I dont even know who they are.

More goodies. There no one in this shot that I really know. I guess I took it for the lolz. Moving on.

Ahh, Halo and armored core. Amazing firugines for amazing franchises. The armored core is a little small but its cool. The halo guys look pretty good themselves, really diggin the details they put on the models.

Dante and nero bitches. Too bad they arent as cool as firugines as they are as characters. Still worth a mention though.

The final fantasy 13 team. Pretty awesome job here, but no lightning strikes me pretty confused, why did they leave out the hottest HD character ever made? Hmm, go figure. Snow and odin were in the case, but my phone cam was too suckish to include them in it.

Assasin's creed! ASSASINO!!!!! Anyway, Im not a creed player, so I dont know much, have no idea if this is brother enzio or altair, though Im really thinking this is enzio. Sad, no love for Altair.

Heres some awesomeness. Final fantasy fans will love this case, with Cloud in it with his all so awesome pose. Theres sephiroth in it too, but couldnt catch him in this shot. Along with the 2 popular final fantasy 7 boys, theres also some love for dissidia via figurines. Also in the case are cloud, tidus, squall and zidane in thier figruines with thier dissidia poses. Pretty awesome alright, its too bad I couldnt find these for sale.

Fullmetal alchemist is quite the thing in the convention. Cosplayers and figurines alike, there were plenty to behold. These here figurines were pretty damn amazing, really diggin the poses and design for alphonse and roy mustang.

Erm.....once again nothing much I know in here, so I'll jus skim through real quick. Well theres only the dude from gintama, and kakashi, nothing really special here.

Rage guy. These were the very figures I wanted from the AFA!! They were here too! I raged when I saw this, then I trolled. I brought money this time, so I didnt have to wait for next year to buy this. BUAHAHAHA. Anyway, black rock shooter was still quite the in thing around here, glad that these figurines are still around.

The vocaloids chibi team! This were pretty cute, but had no idea where to find them -.-. Well not that I wanted these since now I got myself a nice miku hand phone strap......still, these were pretty good.

Blah blah blah, more failed attempts to make me jealous. More black rock shooter stuff, its just too bad for them this time I had the money to buy these.

These were enough to troll most of the crowd. Lucky star, its glad to see that this was still so popular, so many dudes were taking photos of this. Good thing I sneaked in just in time to take 1 solid shot.

Some love for one piece. Its too bad Im not even a fan of the show. Still, nico robin looks really hot, and thats about all I like for this case I guess, since I dont know most of these guys.

Ahh hell naw, now Im really raging. K-on was pretty solid, having 2 solid cases just for themselves. The figurines themselves were really good, but the lack of ritsu love really disappoints me.

The 2nd half of the K-on case. I love mio and azusa, so this made me rage. Goddammit I hate those guys. And, same as the usual, the lack of ristu love disappoints me, she is by far my favourite girl.

Is that flonne I see? Anyway, the main focus for this is that lady from valkyria chronicles, loving that sword.
Of course, we cannot underestimate the otakuness of singapore, cosplaying is quite the thing in STGCC, and sniping them pictures of them is obviously a must. After roaming around the cosplay floor and the convention itself, I got me some pretty good pics, though I didnt get as many as during AFA......Here they are.

There was a fancy cosplay booth in the convention itself, where any cute girl was supposed to go in and hug a bear and write something. .......What was that about? Anyway, this received a load of attention when a girl went in, so yeah, I was joining the group of mad photographers in taking shot....the only problem is that I only took 1.

Pata-pata-pata pon. If only I had a PSP to start trolling with the patapon game.....Well, nothing much to say here, these people did an awesome job with coming up with the patapon costumes, really wasnt expecting this.

The winners today go to these people. Though Im not a huge fan of the halo series these people had kick-ass costumes and they posed well to boot. Im glad I took a picture, and a clear one at that.

Had no idea who these were, probably just a crossover of a group of guys holding different weapons posing together. Not too bad if I do say so myself.

Runner-ups of the cosplay awards go to........this guy. Monster hunter was rare and I probably didnt expect that there would even be a monster hunter cosplayer. This guy suprised me, nice costume and sword, it was really awesome.
Well thats all for part 1 of SGTCC, the next part will just be about me talking about the goods I got, which are mostly awesome. Peace for now, look foward to part 2!