Alright! Lets continue with the STGCC. Basically, the summary of the event itself has already been wrapped up. Today's post is bascially about what I bought there, so if you can't be bothered with what I bought, just skip to the final paragraph.

Anyway, money spent=$65, for me anyway. Thats quite alot concerning my pathtic budget. My bro spent some money, around $50-ish. Still, the goods that we got were pretty damn worth it, so most of these were kinda good purchases.

1st up, my miku phone strap. Well since it was already hooked onto my handphone, there was no way for me to take the picture well, so it turned out really big since I kinda fixated it in front of my phone camera. Miku is so damn cute, couldnt resist this, and it was only $3, so I just bouhgt it.

Next up are my posters. This here is my 250 gsm black rock sooter wallpepaper. Gotta say, loving this one, probably my favourite poster among the 3. The artwork for this is just fantastic, but kinda pricey IMO. This was $10.

My 2nd poster. This one came along with a clannad poster that I gave to my bro, both cost $10 altogether, it was quite a bargain. Plus, I really love vocaloid, so theres really nothing much for me to say here.

This here are my 3 posters lined up altogether, the black rock shooter and vocaloid ones were the ones that were bought from the STGCC, the leftmost one was my only souvenier from AFA. I must say, I wonder how my wall will look like next year when I line more posters up.

And next my most expensive item, the black rock shooter herself. Oh my bloody god this figurine cost me a whopping $45. Well I couldnt help it I was eyeing her since the AFA, good thing the figurine was still being sold here at the STGCC. Nothing much really, just a japan made figurine that had changable hair, faces, weapons, hands and whatnot, not really for playing, just for display purposes.

Seriously, altough it looked really simple it was hard as hell to get her pose right, and those hands are so damn hard to fit in -.-. She had a huge cannon too but I had too much problem fitting it in so I went with the sword after much deliberation. Also, the figurine itself included a DVD disc with 7 language subtitles of the black rock shooter original animation. Tough I watched it before I just put the disc in and watched again. The quality really deserved a 2 thumbs up, good thing it came with subtitles though.

Next up is my brother's chibi white glint. It was a pain in the ass to fix, but I must say it turned out pretty good. Though it was mostly my brother's work, I did help a few way. There were wings to it and I told my brother to put it on, but he said it was too much of a pain in the ass to, so meh, it turned out like this. Still pretty good I must say.

The 2 figurines in my room. Pretty awesome I must say, this section will probably expand next year as well, so yeah.

Mio-chan!!!! This here is a K-on button I bought for a measly $4. I wanted ritsu originally, but since my bro's fren got it, I didnt want to copy him. And this was the last I just basically wanted to troll the next guy who wanted a Mio button. Troll face!!

Next up is a key... Well, its just the oathkeeper keyblade in a minature form, its attached to my ring of keys now. This cost $3 too.....but there was a bigger one featuring cloud's sword, that was pure badass, but it was $15, so....meh....

Finally, the most troll item of them all, a pandora hearts exclusive pocket watch. Altough I never did watch the show, this pocket watch was super badass. I mean like whoever wields this will be fuck yeah-ing all the time when they check the time! This solid watch of gold cost $20, but its pretty farking worth it.
Whelp that about wraps up STGCC 2010. I must say that the event itself is a tad bit lousier than the AFA, it was less crowded too. Still I cant mark this as a lousy event, it was good merchandise wise, but as an overall AFA was just better. Still, I may be back for this next year, its still an event more than worth to attend.
Kudos to STGCC, see you again next year.