Saturday, 25 December 2010

Demons's souls boss profile: Old hero

Boss health

Old hero
Skills:Random attack, Counter attack, Sword wave*, Explosion

Times died on 1st playthrough:1

After the long journey of killing all the first bosses of the respective worlds, I patted myself on the back and decided which 2nd boss to tackle. Shrine of storms was a great place to farm souls, with all the pesky reapers around, so I just played this stage over and over( and dieing alot of course), till I met the old hero. I must say I'm not particularly amused at this guy, he doesn't even look at all intimidating. Ah well, what can I say since he's one of the easiest bosses in the game. Old hero is the boss for 4-2, adjudicator archstone.

Thats quite the HP jump, but if you should die even once against the old hero, you are either extremely unprepared, or just plain careless. With the right items (thief's ring), old hero is one of the simplest bosses in the game. The key here is to take the battle slow, rushing him will only result in instant death.

Random attack- The old hero just smacks a random spot really hard. Unblockable and most likely one hit kills.

Counter attack- If you smack the old hero for too long, he just does a quick swing in whatever direction you hit him from. Unblockable and probably one hit kills too.

Sword wave*- If you smack the old hero for too long or range him from far away for too long, he does a jump and releases an unblockable sword wave that flies towards you at insane speed. This, like most of his other attacks, have the potential to one hit kill.

Explosion- The old hero stabs his sword into the ground and releases a devastating AOE blast. Obviously unblockable, but strangely doesnt do as much damage as his other attacks. You might actually survive this one.

First off, you must know that the old hero is a blind fool. Anything you do, including dance in front of him, he cant see it. And because he is blind, he has to rely on his surroundings to detect you. So the only way that he will actually aim an attack at you, is when you hit him. Counting that in mind, thief's ring is the ultimate weapon against the old hero, since with it, his chances of detecting you are even lower, everytime you hit him and move away, he won't even attack you.

Even so, its stupid to underestimate him, since most of his attacks are one hit kills. My one and only death with him was when I just hit him like a crazy dude and expected him not to notice me, only to get flicked away by his counter attack.

The old hero will roam around the straight hallway, through and fro, randomly smacking random pillars here and there. You'd be a complete idiot to get hit by one of those, just stay at a considerable distance away from him. If you want to attack him, just do one hit, be it range or melee, and just move away. After the roar animation, he will just continue doing his busniess, and won't even bother hitting you.

If you however, mess up and hit him extra times, he gets pissed and will counter attack after his roar. This is easily dodged by a quick roll, but he does this really quickly, so like wise, you will have to roll quickly. If he notices you from a range attack, he will instead hit you with his sword wave, which is basically just a ranged version of his counter attack.

Finally theres his exlposion, which has quite some range, but doesnt quite compare to his other attacks in terms of damage. This too, like most of his other attacks, is only used when you are noticed, but is easily avoided, since it takes quite some time to start up.

Seriously, thats about it. If you take this fight with caution,do it slowly and steadily, you won't even see him attack you with his latter 3 moves. For final advice, just nail him with whatever you have once, let him finish roaring, nail him again. Seriously, its not that hard, the only way for you to die is to be careless.