1st of all, I would like to apologize for a long delay even though I have been on holiday all this while. There are a few reasons for this cause though.

For 1, school was starting ( in fact school just started today), so I had to take time to attend the pre semester breifing and all..plus the problems concerning my previous semester's results( which I may add, sucked terribly). I also had to prep myself for the up coming term, its looks like I will be busy as heck, with new modules coming in like bees attracted to honey.

Next up is my main reason why I havent been posting, the release of Djmax protable 3. I have been so fking hyped for this you cant blame me. Being a long time djmax fan, I immediately got this the moment I saw it with my own 2 eyes. Gameplay is as great as ever, though Im sad they removed 8B (yeap its gone). Also, the new remix modes are freaking killing me. Other than that, the game is great, the songs are awesome, though of course they were some lousy ones. Plus they are using back the level system when it was introduced in djmax portable 2. AND........... NO MORE CLUB TOURS. Sweetness.

The final cause would be cabal online, which I reviewed before. I recently started playing back and this time as a wizard. And of course, since my friends were also playing alot I was motivated to play alot too since I didnt want to be under powered. In 3 weeks I got to lvl 82, which was the level of my previous main, which got banned dued to failed login attempts -.-. Anyway wizard is fun and altough early levels I kept losing at pvps im now a G master and am finally winning fights.

Anyway, I will get back to posting soon, it may not be that often, but yeah, expect some soon.

PEACE. Go play djmax 3.