Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Digimon world championship

gamespot score:5.5 (mediocre)

my score:7.3

(+)Pros:- raising your digimon and seeing them grow/evolve is satisfying,-winning battles and earning titles are fun,- loads of digimon and digimon evolution routes.

(-)Cons:- you cant control shit in battle,- capture system is retarded,- pretty annoying that you cant raise a certain stat you want to over and over.

gameplay time:20-30 hours( average)

Another digimon game! Its quite awhile since I reviewed one, and this was probably the last digimon game I played. A side note, this game got crappy reviews, but I think its pretty good. Its decent at least. GamefaQs user score nabbed it an 8.1 recently. Still, if you like digimon, this one will probably entertain you for a loong loong time. If you are a newcomer, start somewhere else, and if you are somewhat familiar to the series, like me, this will still probably net you a reasonable amount of play time.

The story for this sort of game is always simple and probably goes about the same way. You are a new digimon trainer and you are somewhat someone everyone "sees potential in". And as usual you train your digimon and enter them in tournaments so you can become the all so very great DIGIMON WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. Seriously, nothing to it, these kinda games do best without a complicated story.

Digimon world championship has a simple yet rather addictive formula. Heres what you do, 1st, you manage ur "farm" or digimon training area. You have a limited space for it, and for these spaces, you use it to put training rooms or equipments in it. Like the playground, track and field, the gym and many other crap. Why you buy these are because they train your digimon, which you will be eventually sending into battle. When your digimon are in these areas, they will train and trainn and train, these occur automatically, and as your digimon train, they gain stats accorinding to the area they trained in. As you can see in the above picture, the playground increases HP, the more your digimon train there, they will gain HP. This is pretty satisfying, as the more you train them, the stronger they get, and they eventually evolve. And everytime b4 you enter a fight and see your opponent's digimon's stats are overall lower than yours, you will be thinking "this asshole is dead".

Of course the game is not only about raising digimon, altough that is probably the game's most enchanting feature. Fighting to be the great digimon world championship, you are to bring your trained digimon to fight. Though you get 1 free egg which will hatch into a digimon at the beginning, you have to catch other digimon yourself. As you win matches you unlock several wilderness areas for you to gagther digimon, such as forests or sewers. To gather digimon you have to use a bunch of equipment, including a string, to round them up. To make things easier you got stuff to slow them now, catch up on them unnoticed, and many others. You wont be able to catch those stronger digimon however, right away. No matter what digimon you got, your purpose is still to train them up for the fights, in which you will fight usually 1 on 1 early on, and 3v3 in later matches.

Now flaw-wises everyone can guess whats coming. For one, battles are fun and all but theres just one thing, you cant control all your digimon. Yes its that bad you can give them commands stragetically but thats it, the game's battles will all be controled by the AI, now this is pure BS. Also, catching the digimon are a pain in the ass. You will waste a mouthful of time trying to catch those stronger digimon, but in the end all you can catch are puny children/baby digimon, its kinda annoying. Also, many a time when you keep wanting to raise a certain stat point of a digimon, they will say its reached its limit, meaning you cant raise any more. This is HELL stupid, cuz many a time when they say this HP is already at the limit, when I battle other digimon at the same level with mine, they have ALOT higher HP. The nerve of them telling me I cant raise it!
Overall if you overlook the amount of flaws digimon world championship has, you will find a good harvest moon/monster rancher hybrid kinda game that has a little bit of digimon stuff mixed in here and there. Fans and knowalikes will probably enjoy this, theres much fun to be had. And as with many of thier reviews, pay gamespot review to this game no heed.

Happy gaming.