Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Naruto shippuuden: narutimate accel

gamespot score:n/a

my score:7.5

(+)Pros:- good and entertaining battle formula,- great with friends,- lots of choices for character selection,- almost all characters have distinctive fight styles.

(-)Cons:- new story mode is stupid,- lack of fun gameplay modes,- balance issues

gameplay time:10-20 hours( below average)

Fk the world man my results for semester 1 in school is pure mother f-ing crap..god dammit... Anyway, today's game is a rather old one, naruto shippuuden: narutimate accel. Im doing the japanese version that was releaased way back in 07, not the english one released last year. Used to play this alot with my friends and boy it sure was alot of fun back then. Lots of new naruto games released right now get a lot of hate.. havent played them but I would say this was one of the better ones.

Story-wise this game follows that of the 1st season of the naruto shippuuden anime, up till the sasori and deidara part, and till the part where sasori lets loose into his real form. Nothng to criticise here since they ARE following anime storyline. Still, kinda sucks to have to know the story by playing through the all so dumb story mode. Seriously its better if you go and watch the real anime or something.

Naruto's games fighting mechanics have always been fairly simple, so to speak. This game is no different. You fight 1 on 1 in a 2D side scrolling arena, where you can teleport to different tiers in the map. Every character has a simple attack button, item use button, special button and a jump button, with each character having 2 of thier own special skills. Oh and the back buttons are used for misscellenous stuff like blocking. Story mode controls are like that of an average brawler, with a more 3D perspective unlike during normal fights.

The story mode is uber lame, its short and it wastes time with boring fights, tedious backtracking and some frustrating controls. The main focus of the game are its fights. There are a lot of characters you get to play as, and they all have distinctive playstyles. Well most of them at least. Naruto fights by summoning clones to combo along with his normal hits, tenten fights with flinging more weapons around than usual, kankurou fighting with letting puppets do the dirty work, gaara fights with overpowering the opponents with sand from afar....theres alot of characters to mention, including the ones from the previous games they included. Though battle can seem slow at 1st, once mastered, becomes a blast. You can use chakra to teleport away from being hit, you can rush ur opponents midair, unleash skills at insane speed....and many more. This is especially fun against a human player, where both players can keep avoiding each others attacks and keep hammering each other....its great. Not that fighting agains the AI isnt fun, but its on a totally diffeent level when fighting against a player.
Flaw-wise, there are quite a few in the game. For one, as mentioned above, the story mode sucks. Not story wise, but controls and battle wise, they are ntohing compared to normal 1 v 1 fights. And there arent many fun gameplay modes, besides the normal quick battle and challenge fights, there isnt much to do. Lastly, the characters arent exactly very balanced. Gaara and other few fighters will cerrtainly dominate among the roster. Meaning, out of the so many characters, players will only be using a select few, since th e rest are just downright inferior to them. I cant forget how my friends all banned tanaya -.-.
For naruto fans, theres fun to be had here. I have not played the english version, so Im unaware of the changes, but Im pretty sure japanese voices are btr than the english one. Still, fun game, its not that bad of a fighter.

Happy gaming.