Thursday, 28 October 2010

Djmax trilogy

gamespot score:n/a

my score:8.0

(+)pros:- huge ass selection of songs available,- features online play,-easier to learn on the keyboard than on PSP,-as highly addictive as its PSP counterpart,-loads of available gears and notes and characters to customize to your liking,- unlockable titles and ranks will keep you going,- xtreme challenge provides some challenge to the usual song grinding.

(-)cons:- lots of recycled songs from previous games( not much new ones, and many of them are old song remixes),- some technical issues.

gameplay time:100 hours+(very long lasting)

Heres another djmax game. For today im reviewing djmax trilogy, and yes its the only PC version of the game I know of. I bought this game upon release, thus causing a big hole in my wallet at that point of time, well I would say its quite well worth the money. Taking a different approach, pentavision decided to release this PC version of djmax with most of its previous tracks in it, and featuring online play. Issit as successful as its PSP predesuccors? Find out below.

Yeah yeah,djmax, music game, no story, blah blah blah. Though a strange fact is, though this was released after black square was, it strangely doesnt steal over its club tour feature. Anyway, this follows the growth process of dj max portable 2. As you play songs or clear missions, you gain exp and gold. As you gain exp you level up and unlock gears,notes and characters. Every 10 level ups you gain access to a bank of new songs, which you can purchase and have them become playable. And with gold, of course you buy gears,notes,characters and songs. Like in portable 2, these dont come cheap, so altough you may be unlocking a bunch of stuff, you wont have to money to buy them all.

I dont really have to say this dont I? Notes fall, hit button, and thats it, its simple as that, so I'll move onto presentation. Trilogy has some great presentation standards, the menu grids, the "cyber" feel theme of the background, and the sound effect as you scroll through the song list. Still, its nothing compared to clazziquai edition. Also, the game's difficulty is pretty easy, I'll say it. You wont be dieing after like, 5 or 6 misses. The system is now much more linient and it takes more than 10 consecutive breaks to truly die, so its actually quite easy despitee some of the game's harder songs being over level 17. Plus, hitting a keyboard is much easier than hitting the PSP buttons, trust me.

The gameplay modes available arent anything new. You have 4-8 buttons as playable modes, but the game allows you to set your own controls, so its all good. New features wise there really isnt much, but the green note from black square is also featured here.....other than that the game is mostly the same as before. Some of the song charts in the game may look suberbly ridiculous, but since you have access to more than just a thumb, its much easier to hit the notes. Song selection wise the game has I think every song ever made in djmax, before clazziquai's selection of course, altough a recent patch just allowed first, kiss, I want you and a few more to be unlocked. Yeap, thats alot of songs, more than a 120 I think. But you cant help but think they are a little lazy since there are alot of recycled note charts. 120 is alot, so that means it will be quite easy to find stuff that you will like.

Djmax trilogy sports some technical problems. Altough I bought the original bundle,the game crashes when you play some songs ( one of which is revenge). There are also parts of the game that cause lag and screen tearing, more specifially, certain parts of certain songs. Such are someday and that yellow berry song, the lag will cause the notes to come down in a slow mo-then fast foward motion. These usually cause you to mess up and break your 20k combo, which isnt cool. Also, among the 120 song list, there are only...lets see, around 20+ new tracks( some were from djmax online years ago). Yess thats alot of recycled songs, though they did redo note charts for most of them, you cant help feel that they are being lazy.
Trilogy is a good buy for those who want to experience djmax on the PC and those who want to experience thier massive song list all in one game. You may feel a little ripped off, but hey! It has a 120 tracks, most of them in which you can enjoy. This game kept me occupied for more than 4-5 months so any decent djmax fan can find plenty of fun moments in the game. On another side notes, it seems all the online players are lvl 99, for some reason -.-.

Happy gaming.