Thursday, 21 October 2010

Djmax portable 3-so far

Djmax portable 3 is looking great so far! There are quite alot of songs I like. I have only 30 songs so far, more will unlock as I progress I am sure, but heres the gist of what I like.

Put 'em up
Raise me up
MellowD fantasy
Sweet dream
Cosmic fantastic love song
Zet (remix)
Outlaw reborn
Desperado (remix)
Syriana ( blast wave)
Masai (remix)
Keys to the world
NB ranger nonstop remix

Some of these songs are given, like whiteblue and keys to the world, they are liked by everyone. The rest though are pretty nice. But like in every djmax there are songs we wont like, but these are the good ones.

These are my top 5.

1) Outlaw reborn
2) Desperado (Nu skool remix)
3) Syriania (Blast wave remix)
4) Cosmic fantastic love song
5) Put 'em up


Put 'em up

I really like this song, its a pity its not too hard. I play it mostly on 6B the HD chart, which is only level 5 -.-. Song is by makou, who made hamsin, which was a great piece, so this was kinda unexpected since the style or "feel" of the song is so different compard to his usual work.

Cosmic fantastic love song

The 1st song I played and its one of my faves in the game. The vocals are amazing and the song is really catchy. Since the game tends to load fast I couldnt catch the name of the artist, but I probably will soon. The MV kindda reminds me of ladymade star, kinda.

Syriana (Blast wave remix)

There is no doubt that every djmax player out there loves syriana, heavy rapping and catchy beats is the way to go. And there is no doubt those who loved syriana will love the blast wave remix version of it. This song was originally from trilogy, for those who dont know. The song is composed by bexter and remixed by dj eon.

Desperado ( Nu skool remix)

Fk this, desperado was awesome. But you know what? The nu skool remix made it even more awesome. I have been playing this song over and over, its a great piece really, makes the old desperado sound bad. Its again, a pity that it aint veyr difficult, though it has a level 8 chart on 6B. The song is by croove and is remixed by paul bazooka.

Outlaw reborn

Yeah, this is it, the best song in djmax portable 3. Outlaw reborn is the shit. What can you expect from it? Its outlaw, but better. Nothing much to say here, go see some gameplay vids of it to see its awesomeness.


Oh yeah, all of these are IMO, so noone should take it personally. To close this post I have a piece of funny news. PROFFESOR LAYTON VS PHOENIX WRIGHT GOT ANNOUNCED LOL.