Okay, top 5 villians today are from video games. Whoo. Apparently I have more knowledge in video game villians than anime, since...well they are more easily noticable. Plus, there are so many badass gaming villians that theres almost no reason not to remember them. There are spoilers so be warned.


From: valkyrie profile:lenneth

Lets start it off with brahms. If you dont know brahms he's from valkyrie profile: lenneth. He's cool, he owns his very own castle, which is an explorable dungeon in the game itself, with monsters, treasures and crap.

In fact, most wont be seeing brahms for awhile. Supposedly an enemy of valhala, if you dont explore his castle and fight him, you wont see him until the very last chapter. Also, he's a tough fight, probably one you wont win for your 1st time against him, he and his deadly fists will pound you to kingdom come. PLUS, he can only be harmed by magic.

What makes him cool? Duh, he's a king of a godamn castle, waiting to be defeated. He is optional to beat, but in the end to fight the dark valkyrie( bitchy loser), he joins up with the heroes to beat her down. Then later( if you're playing hard mode), you get to beat him again in seraphic gate! In which he is even stronger.

From: final fantasy 1

The dissidia garland is almost a wuss. Dont count him in, he's still pretty cool and all but my main focus today is the garland from the old school final fantasy 1.

Garland in final fantasy 1 is a cool guy. Persistant, very persistant, but still cool. Believe me in final fantasy 1 he probably looks like a normal big sized knight when you look at his sprite, but he is acutally much more badass. Just look at his dissidia counterpart, inter-changeable swords, who would have thought?

Well what did he do? Not much, but they are significant in the story of FF 1. 1st, he gave the 4 warriors of light thier stepping stone, being the 1st boss, he kidnapped a princcess and the warriors are forced to beat him to rescue her. Hes not too hard believe me, but later in the end game, he appears again! WTF? Wasnt he dead all the way back at the beginning of the game? Think again loser. Gaarland transforms into chaos, the last boss. Yes you didnt hear wrong. Garland is both the 1st, and the last boss, who would have thoought?

3. Frank fontaine( atlas)
From: bioshock
Anyone would have seen this coming. Frank fontaine is one evil evil son of a bitch. And one that you wouldnt have even suspected too. I swear the 1st reaction one will have after discovering atlas's true identity would go wtf.
Frank fontaine is atlas, the nice friendly voice that helped you through more than half , or 3/4 of the whole game. He has been giving you tips, going where to go, who to kill, how to kill him, what to do...and so on. And look at that, he only helped you to USE you, to kill andrew ryan, founder of rapture.
You can already see why he's bad, an asshole who uses you and pretends to be your savior. Then he tries to kill you after you found out who he is. And after revealing who he is and what you are and why he brought you to rapture....you will think hes a one bad asshole. Fontaine is one fucked up, cool and twisted video game villian.

2. Demons' souls skeletons
From: demons' souls

This isnt really someone. Its rather a category. Anyway, number 2 on the list today are the skeletons from demons' souls.

Why are they even here? Well anyone whos played the game would know how much they have tortured you, during your 1st few plays. They are merciless dogs who never let up, not even letting you escape. I would rather kill adjudicators than kill more and more of these pipe sized freaks.

What did they do to receive 2nd here? Well obviously for not giving you any mercy. They are probably one of the most difficult non-boss enemies ever to be made in video gaming history. Merciless chasing speed, hard to read attacks, insane damage....they are an evil evil bunch. Beware...the black katana skeleton.....

1. Matt engarde

from: phoenix wright: ace attorney-justice for all


1st off, matt engarde is one badass faggot. What he did in the last case for ace attorney JFA was really mind blowing, and really sets off for one to think of his badasstitude.


Matt is really evil. if you havent played the last case of justice for all, dont look here. Seriously what he does is really cool and no one should spoil it. Matt is your client for the last case in JFA, and like all previous cases, you are to prove your client innocent. You are to prove matt innocent. Well at the start hes like all okay Im innocent, even phoenix's magmata couldnt detect his lies, saying that he isnt hiding anything.


After venturing deeper into the case and learning more about engarde's past, the confrontation begins, engarde, knowing that he can no longer hide, decicdes to show his true self. Which is, of course a badass motherfucker. And since he has maya under wraps, phoenix cant do shit but still fight for his innocence. Engarde is a real faggot, and it takes evven edgeworth to help take him down, or shall I say almost the entire JFA cast helped phoenix in getting engarde the guilty slip, and get maya safe as well.


More to come, peace.