Tuesday, 15 June 2010

gran turismo

Gamespot score:7.5(good)

my score:7.7

(+)pros:-many different cars and brands to choose from,- plenty of race tracks to test your skills on, - competitive AI,- great with friends or other players to enjoy with, - can last you for quite some time.

(-)cons:-local network has some bugs,- no story or career mode,-only 4 racers per map.

gameplay time: 30-40 hours( above average)

Wow godammit the new blogge sucks shit. Blogger is such a fuckking douche bag, I had so much problems that I took over an hour to get this post up. Faggots. Anyway.... today Im posting again, got really nothing much to do... even though its the term break. Well today' post is gran turismo on the PSP, should be quite well known. Gran turismo has been around for a long time now, since the PS1 days. I used to play gran turismo 2 on the PS1 oh so long ago when I was a little kid, kept losing to my dad in 2 player mode. And why did I get this? Well it looked like a decent racing game, and well its on the PSP so that means racing 24/7 anywhere you want. So, here it is.

Gran turismo has 1 disappointing flaw, no story. Or for games such as this, no career mode. Quite disappointing, but then again, not really, for a racing sim such as this I cant complain much. But really, could it kill to add more content through a career mode? Im sure it would be quite fun and a rather good way to kill time. I guess SCEA is just lazy huh.

Gran turismo is a good racer, and isn't very hard to understand. It doesnt take too long for someone who picks this up to get hooked and start racing day after day. Who can blame them, theres alot to do here, ranging from buying cars to add to thier awesome collection, to playing different modes from so many different maps to set records. Theres really alot going on here, even with no career mode. You get 3 available modes to do PER map, and theres ALOT of maps out there, believe me, and they are all available from the get go. Cool right? Plus, drifting mode is cool shit.

Racing in gran turismo is good fun. You pit yourself against AI racers and try to overtake them for the 1st position and get as much credits as possible, to buy more cars of course, since theres always space available in your collection for more cars. Racing against AI is pretty cool, since the AI cars always end up being the same standard or better than the one you are using. This sets things up pretty good, making things rather competitive. A game where you can just use good cars to trash lousy cars and earn credits are just no fun. During racing though theres this blue line throughout the track that players should follow, to get them around the map the easiest way possible. This however, can be turned off, since some players will prefer to use thier own ways around the track. But this can help lots of beginners who dont know whats going on, which is cool. The only fucked up thing about all this, is that there are only 4 AI racers, thats quite little. Even for ad hoc, you can only connect up to 4 players. Bleh.

Gran turismo's best feature comes in here, the vast selection of cars. Everytime a day in the game pasts, your dealers change, letting you buy new cars every day. Theres ALOT of dealers to buy from, honda, toyota, mazda, subaru...there are even some where people havent heard of, such as blitz. Here where you burn all your credits, since the prices of cars range from cheap, to totally insane. Not all cars however, serve you well. Some cars, even those insanely expensive ones, cant equip dirt or snow tracks, which means you cant race all maps with them. Another bummer is, even though sometimes your car is totally expensive, badass looking, and full of horse power, it sometimes can even lose to a cheap ass mini van car in ad hoc mode. Ad hoc mode has some rare, but very obvious and retarded bugs, such as supreme car slowdowns, these turns people off most of the time, and you cant fix it, sorry.
Gran turismo is a good racing game with lots of stuff to do and unlock. It has fun adhoc mode but has some unavoidable bugs that sometimes spoil your game. Though there are other factors that limit gran turismo from being an even better game, its an already good game overall.

Happy gaming.