Sunday, 20 June 2010

god of war 2

Gamespot score:9.2(editor's choice)

my score:8.8

(+)pros:- great slashing fun,- awesome enemy design,- great enemy killing animations,- boss fights are cool,- nice array of skills and spells available,- has nice balance of puzzle and problem solving mixed into the good killing fun,-great story

(-)cons:-combat in easy and normal mode mainly consists of button mashing,- cliff hanger ending.

gameplay time: less than 10 hours( short)

Like god of war 1 god of war 2 plays almost the same. They are both similar in terms of gameplay, so there really isnt much to say for difference. Still you cant blame sony since well if they change the combat style the game wont be as fun. Well lets get on with it, kratos is angry!!

God of war 2's story is as awesome as the 1st game. Its takes place after the events of 1 obviously, kratos is now the god of war! And hes prepared to kill some shit. After the starting game events zeus betrays kratos and stirps him of his god-hood. That bastard. Zeus must pay! And thats what kratos did. The whole game drives on kratos wanting to kill zeus for what he did to him, which was bloody fucked up. Zeus deserves to die, seriously. On his insane journey for revenge kratos goes through temples, ruins, and many other shit, meeting others and killing some, which is awesome.

God of war 2's combat style is the same as god of war 1.You spam your combos all around to kill high healthed enemies and then finish them of with an all so stylish grapping finisher move that is always awesome to see. Being an action adventure game god of war 2 really satisfies, same as the 1st, but not as much, more on that later.

God of war 2 really tries to make it as entertaining as its preduseccor, and it succeeded. God of war 2 took out most of kratos's skills and spells, and gave him new ones. Good thing is all the new skills are nice, just like god of war one. Kratos has gained the use of a bow, to summon thunder balls to shock his enemies( poseidon's rage clone), to cause eathquakes that swallow enemies like nothing. All of kratos's blade combos are also rewritten. He's missing many if not all of his previous game combos. But like his spells his new combos still strike as awe. And instead of the blade of artemis he's gained an awesome spear and a crazily huge barbarian hammer. Cool shit eh?

God of war 2 still has its cons. Like god of war 1, the combat is mainly button mashing, which is...well, nothing much. Anyone can button mash. Same old same old, and you can just wipe out huge mobs by spell spamming. As I said, nothing much, the combat is still not really in depth. Another flaw in this game is the cliff hanger ending. No spoilers from me here but I gotta say it just leaves you wanting a god of war 3( which is already released).

Now then god of war 2 is a great continuation of god of war 1 and is as worthy to the franchise as any of the games in the series. Being part of god of war collection one can still enjoy this great PS2 classic that would not be forgetten even after a long long time.


Happy gaming.