Gamespot score:7.7(good)

my score:8.5

(+)pros:- contains 4 great cases,- music is still great( altough slightly tweaked),- great to see both new and returning characters,- cases still provide a sense of twist and suprise,especially the final case,-cases are still lenghty and provide good story value and comical relief.

(-)cons:-not as much manual problem solving like in the 1st game,- pysche-locks arent a very good trade for the awesome touch screen scientific items in the 1st game.

gameplay time:20-30 hours(average)

PHOENIX WRIGHT IS BAAACCCK! Thats right, our top notch ace attorney ,phoenix wright is back in the 2nd game. I shouldnt be saying that though since this game is old now... anyway.... Cleared this not too long after I cleared the 1st game, and found this great too. Not sure why the score took such a huge dip for gamespot, total 1.1 point deduction. Oh well, lets get this going.


Like the 1st game, the story revolves around the cases that the game provides. The cases may or may not be connected all together, but they form up somehow. And like all AA games the cases are based on once again murder. Things take a turn for the worse this time, since phoenix has to save his clients from more impossible cases, where things all look like the client did it. But phoenix and his well witted mind always comes up with contradictions and manage to pull the client out a not guilty slip.

Awesome. As with the 1st game the entire game is hevily text driven, and takes place in a courtroom, and other placves for investigations purposes. The game is once again split into 2 phases. 1, you go out to crime scenes and such to find and look for existing evidence to use in court and help your client. Phase 2 takes place after 1, where you go to the courtroom and fight for your client's innocence, with the evidence you gathered in phase 1 to help you out. Phase 1 is fun but sometimes tedious, since you may not know where to go, who to talk to, or what to find. And with the new pysche-lock feature, you get to see through others' lies and have to present evidence to break the locks to make them tell the truth, since AA characters tend to to love to lie. Its like finding contradictions outside of the courtroom, only not as satisfying.

After you get your evidence and whatever info you need, you jump to phase 2. Courtroom procedures are incredibly awesome. They remain mostly unchanged from the 1st game, which is why is rocks as much. In the game's 4 cases you will be facing off against 3 prosecutors, 2 are from the 1st game though, nothing new. The new prosecutor, however, sparks a new fire in the courtroom. FVK, aka franziska von karma, is a smexy smexy prosecutor. She has a whip! A friggin whip!!!! This new prosecutor will pose many more problems to phoenix. Core gameplay remains unchanged as well. You mostly hear witness testimonies and try pointing out contradictions by presenting evidence or pressing them for more info. Music is once again great at these parts, and totally sucks you into the game. The various prosecutors and phoenix's yellings of "objection!" are great to hear.

Justice for all has its downs. There are some things they removed from the game. The cool touch screen features from the 1st game, the luminol agent, finger print dusting etc., they are gone. Hmm maybe its cuz ema is gone. Also, problem solving difficulty has been toned down, things are more obivous and easily done this time. Not very welcoming for players. Also, pysche-lock really isnt anything special, I am willing to bet many others will prefer to have the old features back in exchange of the pysche lock. Well, nevertheless the psyche-lock feature isnt bad, and can be quite fun to use, so I shall not complain.
For a sequel justice for all has deproved, but is still an awesome game that almost anyone can enjoy. The final case kicks ass, my favourite of all 23 AA cases. I shan't spoil its contents but I must say that it really makes people go wow! Evil hair flip of DOOOOOM! Once again, justice for all is a brilliant game that is worthy of the franchise and shouldnt be missed by anyone following the AA series,

Happy gaming!