Sunday, 6 June 2010


Gamespot score:8.3(great)

my score:7.9

(+)pros:- on field combat is intense and great,- good variety of usable weapons,- offline co-op and PVP is a blast,- quite a number of unlockable usable characters for oco-op and PVP,- well made environments.

(-)cons:-unvariable viewpoints,- campaign is short,- story has little content and value

gameplay time:10-20 hours(below average)

Okay people today Im doing killzone:liberation for the PSP. This is a decently old game now, but I only played it back in 2008. To be honest I thought it was lame at the 1st look, after giving it a aint so bad. I'm not a fan of shooters and all but this is a good game. Been awhile since I played it so I may make some stupid remarks of forgotten of some stuff, but heck, I think I can sum this one up. Get ready to shoot up some helghast!

Story wise I dont remember too much. Roughly it starts out with our leading man, templar, on a battle field, with some helghast running about. Of course this is only the beginning, story picks up after the PS2 game. Helghast invaded vekta in the PS2 game, and after events of the PS2 game , now the humans are striking back at the helghast. For story content there isnt much, you will be saving people, killing people, and meeting this one cool guy named metrac, the helghast general. All you do is complete given missions, story really never progresses much.

Killzone has some good shooting mechanics. The game is played at a top view for the most of it, but view angles change most unfavourably at times. Gets pretty damn annoying. Anyway gameplay is very simple, you move around the map, killing helghast along the way, and get to whatever point you need to go to in the map and finish up your mission. The progress gets repititive, but combat is good. You have to hide behind boxes, sneak up on your opponents, snipe them, anything. You cant act like a bonehead and charge in guns blazing all the time. Killzone is a game that needs timing, skill,patience and strategy, and this adds plenty of gameplay depth to deal with different kinds of enemies and situations, which is great.

Graphic wise there really isnt anything much to complain about in killzone:liberation. Character sprites are pretty okay looking, no complaints here. But the environments are aboslutely well made, I mean for a PSP game. Its almost like the sprites dont fit into the environment. There are quite alot of areas in the game, including swamps, forests, ports, warfields...and so on. There really is alot to do within these maps, besides being in the campaign, which is ever so short. These maps are also accesable in the incredibly fun, offline pvp mode. Offline PVP is great, you can get up to quite a big amount of players, get together and set up a field where everyone starts to walk around and shoot each other up. There are plenty of modes available to enjoy yourselves, and players can easily get lost in killing each other.

Killzone's biggest flaw comes from its incredibly short campaign. Though the variety of maps and enemies arent lacking, you wont spend alot of time in the campaign. For christ sake I cleared it in one day. The campaign lasts around 5 hours or so, even lesser when your are playing offline co-op, which is awesome. And its no mystery since story progression is weak, 5 hours cant do much. Metrac just came and go so quickly, damn. He was a cool guy too!
In terms of story and campaign killzone liberation falls short. It would be longer if one goes to download the increase chapters, maybe then it will fill up plotholes and increase story progression? But other than that, the initial killzone:liberation only takes you so far. But without friends to share this game with, you will be losing out. Having this when you have others that play it with you really benefits. Warning: playing alone may not be as fun.

Happy gaming.