Tuesday, 8 September 2009

summon night:twin age

Gamespot score:7.0(good)

my score:7.3

Here it is.Actually,theres nth special about this game lol.Its just that it was my birthday present last year,or was it the year before.Lol cant remember.Anyway,those who played summon night swordcraft story on the GBA should think that this game should be something familiar.Actually this game is different.I was expected the GBA kind of gameplay,the old summon night was awesome,I absolutely loved the gameplay,and the story wasnt half bad too.Well this summon night is different,and different in a bad way.I prefered the old one alot.But well this game is actually pretty good too,i didnt regret buying it and managed to finish the entire game without complaining.

Well,the story is about a boy and a girl.Actually its a summon beast and a girl.Aldo,the summon beast,with an appearence like a human boy,has been living with reiha for ages.They became like brother and sister.One day,around the area they are living in,the spirits suddenly starting acting weird,causing monsters to go gaga.They fought and after that decided to invesigate what happened to the spirits.Along the way they form allies with many of thier interestingly designed friends and a few annoying enemies.

Well,summon night twin age is the easiest DS game I have played.The entire game itself is stylus played,making gameplay so dam easy.On the field,you get to choose to play as aldo or reiha,and just use your stylus to tap away.Tapping an enemy attacks it.Tapping a skill along the side screen and then tapping an enemy again executes the skill on the enemy.Easy peasy.

Though game controls are easy,the monsters and bosses are nothing like that.Oftenly later on,monsters will gang you like utter losers,causing you to die like a prideless asshole.Some of the later bosses also have devastating AOE attacks,wiping out the entire team in one blow,its not that easy at all.But,like many games,the counter to these problems....is well,training.Training is key.

Besides all that,on the field the characters are pure tiny.I think they are designed that way to look "cute".Any way,during story conversations,I like the personalities of the characters,they are likable and thier portraits aint half bad.A thumbs up for such good drawings on the characters.

Overall,quite an okay game.Nothing too good,nothing too bad.I would recommend this game to casual players who are looking for an easy to understand game to play.Peace.

Happy gaming.