Friday, 18 September 2009

Jak 2

Gamespot score:9.1(editor's choice)

my score:8.2

Oh yea time for a game of awesomeness.Sorry for not posting over the past...*ahem*,week.Busy with prelims and other PSP and PS2 stuff.Really crazy.Anyway,here is jak 2,an editor's choice game for the PS2.Honestly,overrated,but,it still is fun.It is an adventure game,which is a genre i seldem even touch.If I play it,it means its that great.This game is extremely long lasting and will last any casual player for a long time.

Ok,Ive never played the 1st game,but i still fairly understand the game story.Jak and his friends built some sort of time travel portal machine.When they used it,well they screwed up and went into the future of haven city,where jak got captured and experimented on dark eco.Two years later,daxter,his pal,saved him(sure took his time).And the game starts,with jak finding out more about his new dark powers.He does other stuff such as joins resistances,work for bastards,enter insane race cups and explore ruins that noone would ever want to.Awesome eh?The game never stops,going from street to street,avenue to avenue,haven city is just huge for a person like jak to explore.

As an adventure game,it really is simple.You need to get to a point of a stage,but to do so,enemies stand in your way.Well what to do,either bash them up or shoot them up.Simple?Duh.Well the stages in Jak 2 have a huge variety,altough you will be doing some revisisting,new monsters/mobs will appear,giving players a different taste.

Well some of the enmies you will encounter...the crimson guards.The dudes who implanted dark eco into Jak.They are weak shyts and they just die in a matter of punches and kicks.They however have bosses such as gigantic tankers and even squid like battle ships that kick the shyt out of you.Nasty.

Next we have metal heads.These are alien like monsters with yellow gems for eyes.They come in many varieties,big or small,thin or fat,4 legs or 16 legs,flying or walking...Ill stop here.Anyway you get the picture.For metal head bosses,you have big ass centepedes and other crap.

There are other enemies but there are too many to list,the game provides all.

Besides kill mobs,there is just so much!!You have an awesome disposal of weapons to use to slaughter any crimson guards or metal head in your way.You have a shockwave weapon that blasts all enemies way,or a yellow laser blaster,firing the f*** out of your foes.Also,the free roaming factor is awesome,you go around,hijacking flying cars(yes the cars are flying),going around crashing into others for fun.But hijacking crimson guards' cars or attacking them on the road will alert the entire crimson guard faction to come after you.Woot,its awesome.

Theres not just wacking and shooting for jak.There are certain missions that require him to use his skate board,which can rack up seriously nice stunts.Oh yea,the skateboard can be used to wack enemies too(who knew).There are also insane racing missions and sneaking missions,too awesome.
Jak 2 is all fun,but the difficulty factor is annoying.One wack from the enemy takes off 2 life points,and jak has only,8 life points.Jak 2 will also keep you playing in a way that you will keep losing and will want to keep retrying to clear that part,now thats the work of a gamer.
Overall a great gaming experience.This was one of my 1st PS2,I was looking through my stack of games when I saw this,then I reminded myself of good times.Recommended to ALL gamers.

Happy gaming.