Friday, 4 September 2009

marvel vs capcom 2

Gamespot score:7.0(good)

my score:7.5

Welcome to PS2's marvel and capcom 2D platform fighting crossover game.Marvel vs capcom 2 provides massive fanservice for marvel and capcom fans(obviously).With characters like ryu,megaman and chunli taking the stage for capcom,or cyclops,wolverine and spiderman fighting for marvel,what can go wrong?Basically,nothing,this game is obviously fun,but leaves too much to be desired,since the characters dont have much moves in the command list.

No story,duh,a crazy 2D fighting game is thats all there is to this game.Well,you play through 7 stages of insane fighting with no story link whatsoever and you land up fighting the final boss abyss with 3 forms.Well,pretty ok for a fighting game.

This game's characters may have little moves,but the game character roster is HUGE.With a total of 52 characters with 26 from marvel and 26 from capcom,this game is a 3 on 3 fight,so the team possibilities are almost unlimited.With team-worked special skills,you can wipe the opposite team of 1 of thier members in no time.

The thing about this game is that,if you have friends to play with,it gets more enjoyable.You get to feel the heat and tension through battle and experience fun like you never experienced through arcade mode.

Well the bad side to this game is..the unlocking of characters.Every time you clear something,you get points,and points are needed to buy characters.Some characters require a HUGE amount of points,meaning you have to clear arcade mode around 3 or 4 times just to buy that 1 character.The other bad only start with 20 characters,that means you have to unlock 32 characters.Better start playing arcade mode.

Well this game is for the PS2,but it is also available in arcades.In arcades,the gameplay difficulty is much harder than it is on the PS2.You know why?Cause the arcade machine wants to con your money.To top it off,the arcade machine has this dam ANNOYING feature that when you are playing through arcade mode,someone opposite you in the arcade inserts a token.....initiating a battle against him...and most arcade challengers are crazy veterans,meaning that they will pawn you...thus scamming yet another token of yours.I recommend the PS2 version more than the arcade mode,you will get more fun and playtime out of it.

Well to all who want to get this game,get the PS2 version,do not play the arcade version,unless you have free money to spare.

Happy gaming.