Wednesday, 23 September 2009

disgaea DS

gamespot score:8.0(great)

my score:7.5

Disgaea,described as an evil strategy RPG with an exceptionally evil main character.This game was originally released for PS2,but since it was so fun it came out for PSP and DS.I have played all the versions,but I got the furthest with the DS version,so im reviewing it today.There is slight or no difference at all between the few versions so dont think that the game is at all different between the DS,PSP and PS2 versions.

The underworld,a place for souls to feast in the afterlife.The demon king has died for 2 years and powerful demons all over the underworld want to take his throne.But in the small unknown area of the demon king's castle lies his sleeping son,who is awaken from his 10 year slumber by his very"humble"vessel,etna.Well the demon prince,laharl,is on a mission to claim the throne that was rightfully his,to do that,he goes through fight after fight against greedy throne claimers.

Disgaea is a strategy RPG with a roughly large amount of gameplay value.Like any other strategy RPG,you select a character on the map,select a place to move to,and end your turn,use an item,cast magic,or attack an opposing enemy.Simple.But your characters dont start together in one area of deployment like many strategy RPGs.In this game,there is a deployment point,where you select it and choose whatever until you want to deploy and just send him or her into the fray.So its like you just spam all your fighters out in an instant to fight the enemies.But of course,you can only send out a selected few amount of fighters to the few,or the game would be terribly easy.Other than that battle on the field is rather simple,with expection of the grid attribute info and some combination attacks,the game is quite easy to understand.

The game doesnt stop here.Laharl,being demon prince,can choose at any time to create fighters to battle for him!Be it brawlers,warriors,clerics,mages,anything!Just name it and you have it,he can even summon demons which he has defeated before!Besides that,if you ever think that the equipment that the shop sells is a tad weak,you can post a bill in the demon court,to increase the quality of the sold items.Now thats reality,in the underworld!There are many other things in the game thats too much to talk about.The characters are also very likeable.The artwork is unique,unique in a way not the way that thy're drawn,but the way they are designed.Who would know that underworld freaks would look so much like humans,and yet to different at the same time!

Overall disgaea is a rather fun and addicting game at the same time that will rob you of most of your daily life for the 1st few days.You will slowly decrease your playtime since training wont get very entertaining later on.Oh yea,there are prinnies too(I did a reveiw on the game Prinny!can i really be the hero).Get it if you're into strategy RPGs or just want to try this genre.If you dont have a DS,you can always get the PS2 or the PSP version.

Happy gaming!