Wednesday, 29 April 2009

yu-gi-oh!GX spirit caller

Gamespot score:n/a

My score:7.2

I feel,as a yugioh player very sad.Gamespot didnt review this,which is a pity since this is problably the best yugioh game ive played(second is
yugioh tag force 2 on PSP).Why issit so awesome?Well its because it just is.
This i believe is one of the only yugioh games out there with a story.The world championship series is just plain dumb cuz you just duel and duel and duel and duel,
just to unlock new opponents.And after you unlock a new opponent,you just duel somemore.In spirit caller,the game follows through the original anime story,with a
few minor tweaks as you,a silent protagonist,are the main character,instead of jaden.
Alright ,here goes.You are a duelist enrolling into the duel academy
and ypu enroll as a slifer(dunno if the spelling is right) red,which is
supposedly the lowest ranked of students.Heres the catch,you can
roam freely and duel people of any rank(provided they accept the challenge,some snobby freaks will think you are weak and will decline).And as you do you make friends .

The game itself provides quite a large range of cards so you can choose from a variety of something like 20+ packs,each with different themes,(not like tagforce,normal monster pack,effect
monster pack,fire pack,dark pack,wtf man)And you follow through
the original anime storyline,up till the end of season one,which is the event of the
graduation of Zane.
The duels are fun,the AI is basically not too stupid and not too smart,making winning
moderately easy,altough some duelists can piss you off(armed dragon deck,chimera
tech overdragon deck.Grrr).The monsters can be seen when you summon it,so its
basically why its so cool.In tagforce,you can see nothing,dam.
If you like yugioh,this is for you.If you dont....oh well.