Saturday, 18 April 2009

Kingdom hearts

Gamespot score:8.2(great)

My score:8.5

Behold,kingdom hearts,the awesome game on ps2 that has sold over something like 12 mil copies in the world.It is a strange game with the mix of disney characters(lols)and final fantasy characters.One might think"Wtf?"I tought that too at 1st,I mean,imagine cloud working together with mickey mouse.But,if you tought that this game is a guranteed failure,you are wrong,read on.

One of the proofs of why this game is so great?Is cuz they have published different versions of the game,as in greatest hits,platinum hits and ultimate hits.Which is like a wtf.They even remade the game in a version called final Mix the give it some sort a gaming boost the real fans of the game.

The game itself talks about a boy name sora and his 2 friends who have known each other for like ages.They one day decideto get off their stinking island,where they were born ,and go explore the outside world.But they have no idea how big the "outside
world"While building thier raft one day thier island gets attacked by a horde of monsters known as heartless,the monsters of the game.The 3 friends try to save thier raft which they spent so long working on(mostly sora).But they all fall to the heartless
,sora however recieves the keyblade,and ancient weapon used for killing off heartless.
Well soon the island gets destroyed and our hero is stranded to another world where he meets donald and goofy.The journey begins....

Alright enough of the story.The game is mostly action RPG.
You go around with ur 2 trusty partners,a short tempered duck
and some werid long eared guy with a shield.You will meet other
partners which will help you(aladin from ALADIN,beast from
but mostly its just donald and goofy.There are also final fantasy
characters like cloud ,squall and yuffie.The villains are all disney
villains.Ranging from hades to captain hook.But there is one
particular non-disney villain,sepiroth.Thats right,hes in the game,powerful as hell.
As for difficulty,this game might be hard if you are not too
familiar wif action RPGS,but still is an awesome game.PS2 holders shoud get this game,at all costs.