Friday, 24 April 2009

Advance wars dual strike

Gamepost score:9.2(editor"s choice)

My score:9.0
Advance wars dual strike.......the sequel to advance wars
2 which is the sequel to advance wars.Advance wars is an
awesome strategy series on a port.Belive me i played all
of the series' games and none of them fail to amuse me.
There is another fourth game but i will get to it next time.
Now is advance wars dual strike,improving from GBA to NDS.It is FAR more impressive then the previous 2 as,unlike before,you can use 2 COs.Let me explain,advance wars is a game where a CO takescommand of an army,each CO has thier each own special ability,whichis awesome since there are over 15 COs in the game.Unreal bro.Like the previous 2 games,the story is about
the four armies,orange star,blue moon,yellow comet and green earth challenging the black hole army,the root of all evil.The story in this game is much better than the other two since it has WAYYYY more
missions.Whats more,unlike advance wars 2,which has fixed COs for much missions,you get to pick your COs for most of the missions now,giving you more strategical and tactical options.
The entire game system is IMPOSSIBLE to explain since it is SOOOOOO complex and
complicated.The game is best felt when you play alone.Get it,you wont regret it.I
MEAN it.