Monday, 20 April 2009

Etrian oddyssey

Gamespot score:7.8(good)

My score:8.0
Behold,Etrian oddyssey,easily the most enjoyable 1st person dungeon
crawling RPG game.People who arent hardcore RPG players should
not even touch game tough,why?This game is fkin hard,very fkin hard.Its so hard that people who play it ,when reaching within less than 1-2 hours of gameplay,can cry and say"this game farks man".Put that aside,im moving on.

This game is about a labrinth that people all over the this place called etria have wanted to explore for a long long time,but as you may have tought,no one has
accomplished it.Pretty basic storyline,adventurers all over the world come to etria
to make guilds to explore this labrinth or some may just join guilds.You,just
like any other adventurer,decide to explore this dam tower of desturction.So,you
make a guild,with 10,yes its not a typo,10 jobs to choose from,and your guild can consist of 30 of them.Pretty awesome eh?

Aight,on to the game,like I said before,the game is hard.>>>
See this man,your party can die when just fighting a trio of..
......flies.Poisonous flies actually.1 guy dead,3 with full hp
and 1 with red hp...and its only the 1st turn of battle......
Well this is what the game like to call,CUSTOMIZE YOUR
PARTY.You have 10 jobs,ranging from paladin like peeps
called protectors to unholy debuffers called hexers.

Now then each job has an in-depth skill tree,ranging from
10-15 skills(around there) and each requires skill adding.
There are skills used to buff,attack heal,debuff and so on.
There are however skills to use on the field to help you avoid enemies on the field known as FOES.They are lame red ballsthat float around the map.As you move,they move too.If you do engage them in combat,be well prepared,or you will die in shame.These FOES are like minibosses,
they are slightly weaker,so if u can win them,you are
most like ready to face the boss.

Lastly,bosses,they are beings of great power,they
come at you every 5 floors,each harder as you go.
There however optional bosses for you to fight
when you clear the game.They are much much
tougher and are ridiculous.Here is fight I took from
the net against the wyrm.The party members where
quite high leveled(80-90 i guess) and they got
pretty much got pwned.

One last word,the fighting is pretty oldschool,so unless you are a fan of RPGs,you wont like this one.Thats all for now.