Opening Songs

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Ray Of Bullet (Manami Numakura & Rina Hidaka)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Magic, Romance

Episodes: 12

And here we are with the worst of the harems in the winter season ( I didn't watch Isuca, so that's still up for debate). "Unlimited Fafnir" is one of the most uninspired, lazy, boring, uninteresting animes in a long time. That's...pretty bad coming from me, considering how I even give credit to some of the more bland harem animes out there...but there's just nothing I can squeeze out of "Unlimited Fafnir". Honestly, its just one of those animes that I can't justify matter how much I try. I mean, there IS stuff to like here, but from the way its presented in the anime? Nope, there's really nothing that I can pick out that's good, great, or redeeming. I mean, the animation and visual style of "Unlimited Fafnir" in the anime is just so different from the light novel art, so much so that I think they might have went wrong somewhere with the character designs. Whatever, there's no turning back now, I don't like "Unlimited Fafnir". A harem is a harem, but I guess there are ones bad enough for even me to dislike.

What the anime should have at least attempted to look like.

The opening song is "FYING FAFNIR" by TRUSTRICK, which quite a subtle opening theme that doesn't pack too much of a punch. Its an alright opening for a magic/fantasy/high school themed anime, but you'll get tired of it soon enough. The ending theme "Ray Of Bullet" by Manami Numakura and Rina Hidaka, the 2 seiyuus of 2 of the main heroines in the anime, is much better IMO, since it at least attempts to be epic. Its a more fitting theme for an action anime with the powerful vocals and the slightly heavier music.

Rating: 6.0/10

As much as I want to like another harem with cute girls and big monsters, "Unlimited Fafnir" just didn't DO very well. The concept, lore and story of "Unlimited Fafnir" ISN'T BAD, its just that everything was so poorly executed in the anime. The action is dreadfully boring and most segments were poorly executed. For a harem, most of the girls are very uninteresting, hell, most of them don't even have ANY sort of story or interaction with the protagonist AT ALL. PLUS, the protagonist...he's just not very likable. A typical solo guy in an all-girls academy with combat experience beforehand, just that the fights that he is involved in: they're pretty boring. When it comes to being visually appealing, other than our protagonist's weapon materialization, everything else just seems so bland. In the end "Unlimited Fafnir" suffers a little bit from the "Girlfriend Beta" disease, too many girls with too little focus on some of them. You end up not giving a flying f**k about some of them, and I believe that's not how things should be done with a harem.

Well, we sure haven't seen THIS before.

Mononobe Yu is a very young soldier that's known as the strongest Fafnir, a code name used in his unit. In the world where dragons materialize and threaten the safety of the world, the existence of Ds appeared to counter that of the enemy dragons. However, for a long time, the only Ds that would emerge would be females, so only girls could combat against these otherworldly threats. But of course, since this is a harem, we need to have a male D, and that is none other than Mononobe Yu. He enrolls into Midgar, an island which houses young D females as they learn in a school about how to control their D powers, as well as receive education. On his first day, he runs into a naked girl named Iris bathing in the sea. After she accuses him for assault and realizes that he is the new transfer student, he introduces her to the class. Being a specialist on the fronlines, Yu hides considerable power from his classmates, as he tries to mix into his now class of many females. Being the only guy in school, he is in for the ride of his life.

"Unlimited Fafnir" could have had the potential to be a little bit more interesting. But as it stands, its nothing much to ogle at. There are much better harems and more importantly, in the very season that it aired, there are 3 other, better harems that are either way more interesting or entertaining. If you want another one of these 1 guy in an all girls school situation, watch "Infinite Stratos", trust me, its much better.