Opening Songs
OP 1 - Hi no Ito Rin'ne no Gemini (Petit milady)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Magna Idea (Fortuna)

Genre: Action, Magic, Romance

Episodes: 12

Harems, harems...harems all around. We continue with our quantum of harems in the Winter season, this time with "Seiken Tsukai No World Break", easily the best looking harem out of the 4. However, looks can only carry you so far, because while the premise is very interesting, the story execution and character interaction in this one is very, very predictable and repetitive. I mean, come on, I'm sure there are many other ways to display surges of power within your protagonist other than "I REMEMBER", right? Its quite a shame because "World Break" has some of my favorite character designs of the year, but it paled by its poor pacing and storytelling. Its certainly not a horrible choice to invest in when it comes to harems, but there are much better ones out there that can be more worthy of your time. Still though, if you enjoy your fantasy high schools with students trying to save the world with their powers, you might get some kick out of "World Break".

Moroha has many choices.

The opening song is "Hi no Ito Rin'ne no Gemini" by Petit Milady, which is supposedly a duo of Ayana Taketatsu and Aoi Yuki, the seiyuus of the 2 main heroines in this anime. It sounds like a cute version of a dark Ali Project song, and honestly, I thought it was pretty good. Though I did think that the dark feel wasn't necessary, at least it isn't a super cutesy opening. The ending theme is where its at, "Magna Idea" by Fortuna is synth heavy and hype as hell, it feels a lot like another one of those gundam esque ending themes. I like it, and I find myself listening to it to the end almost every time, a pity that most of the time it kicks in towards the end and we don't get to hear it all too much.

Rating: 7.0/10

It just manages to stay slightly above from being bad...simply because it has the potential. "World Break" has a premise that sounds cool on paper, but is just poorly executed, both with the pacing and the character interaction. Its one of those shows with way too many characters that seem important but are just thrown aside for either other new characters or for reasons unknown. The action scenes are a mixed bag, some segments are done well (the fight versus Sir Edward or the battle agains the Fortress Class) while others just felt wishy washy (the final battle felt lazy, the first battle against the multi headed hydra). Also, another curse that affects many animes with only 12 episodes, there are so many characters who feel like they should be important, but maybe get a grand total of 15 seconds of screen time for the entire show, what gives? Also, I feel like the progression on the protagonist was poorly done, and I'll be honest, he's not a very likable protagonist at all. He gets power spikes for no apparent reason and his white knight attitude is somewhat annoying. Plus, the random "I remember" moments are so out of place, why is it that only he gets these moments and not everyone else?

A harem isn't a harem without a love triangle.

Moroha Haimura is one of the many saviors in the world, people who were heroes in their last lives and have awakened to their hero memories, granting them powers and abilities. They enroll in a central academy where many of their kind gather, they train to harness their powers to deal with Metaphysicals, monsters that materialize and threaten the existence of mankind. Moroha's past life was that of a hero, and on his first day, he meets Satsuki Ranjo, a girl who calls him Oni-chan after she awakes to her past memories. Apparently in their previous lives Ranjo was his sister, and from that moment on, Ranjo has the gall to start calling Moroha her brother. Then another girl, Urushiba Shizuno shows up and kisses him out of nowhere, saying that he was her lover. Haimura then started to discover that he was one of the few individual saviors in the world with the memories of two heroes, making him a special case.

"World Break" is a whole lot of wasted potential that could have been a lot more. I feel like the simple answer to "World Break"'s problem is a simple extension to it being 24 episodes, but alas, it is what it is, an incomplete show with rather poor pacing. There are redeeming qualities, but if you really want to watch this one, you'll need to prepare for some repetitive moments.