"What a lewd outfit!"...said no one, EVER.

Name: Lieselotte
From: Trinity Seven

This twintailed blonde bombshell appears almost out of nowhere and surprises EVERYONE with her explosive appearence AND personality. This girl is EASILY the most seductive out of all the girls in "Trinity Seven", and with good reason. She's a little slutty, so its only natural that her showing off so much of her skin turns others on. Plus, she uses her body to lure others into a false sense of attraction before attacking them. The way she kisses her own sister, strips her and takes her "essence" just seemed really f**king high. She's just one of girls that you can ALLLMOST see those titties, but because of convinient censoring, we see nothing. God dammit.

*Sigh*...No that's not Miku.

Name: Sona
From: League Of Legends

"League Of Legends" has plenty of babes, but of course as well all know, there's only one worthy twin-tailed waifu within the females in the league. Sona is the one champion that everyone looks at when they start the game and go, "Hey! That's Miku!", then they save IP to buy her...only to proceed to feed. Sona is just the definition of Miku with boobs, she even focuses on music for her concept in-game. Sona's boob factor is easily one of the biggest ones in the game, and when we compete for waifus, she's always up there with girls like Katarina and Ahri, those 2 whom probably dominate everyone else in terms of fan popularity.

We all love her and her string.

Name: Hestia
From: Danmachi

I haven't seen "Danmachi" yet, but how many arts of Hestia have I seen? Too damn many, I can't even count anymore. When "Danmachi" aired for the first two weeks, Hestia has seen a massive SURGE in popularity, almost so much so that its freaking insane. Sure, she's just another twin tailed girl who's cute, has big boobs and a boisterous personality. Yeah, she's sexy, I'll give her points for that, but what made Hestia so damned popular? Her outfit, more specifically, that f**king string. How does one even...pilot that thing? Cosplayers have proven over and over how impractical that thing is and yet she makes it work: because anime. Either way, the impact she has made is already there, but seriously, that girl is pretty hot.

Fate Extra Caster is best Caster.

Name: Caster
From: Fate/Extra

"Fate" has a bunch of nice ladies, but unfortunately most of the known servants are dudes. As for the female servants, most of them are nice, but our topic of discussion today is "Extra"'s Caster, the cute and sexy fox girl who just doesn't f**k around in battle. While she was plenty cute enough in "Fate/Extra", she went extra bold with her outfit in "CCC", turning her into this sexy semi-bdsm girl that just sobers up to you all day. Man, as if she wasn't attractive enough, this girl just manages to capture the hearts of thousands of masters, and her popularity easily surged into kingdom come. For good reason.

Why don't we ever see her in a swimsuit?

Name: Yukine Chris
From: Senki Zesshou Symphogear Series

"Symphogear" was a unique mahou shoujo series in a way that I never really loved it too much. It was nice, but it kind of went downhill from the end of season 1 to season 2. Anyhow, it doesn't stop me from talking about my favorite character in the series, Yukine Chris. Even without her epic background story, this girl was truly likable, and more importantly, she was sexy. She was a short, sexy tsundere with a temper that only increased her sexy factor even more. Having the biggest boobs of them all surely helped her out, and damn, I don't think anyone can ever beat her in the sexy-ness category in this show. Ever.