Covetus Demon
HP: 4440
Skills: Slam, Belly Flop, Roll, Consume
Souls: 13000

Difficulty: 1/5
Deaths: 0

After beating the Skeleton Lords its time to go back on track, you'll find yourself in the Earthen Peak, a dreaded castle housed by a dreaded queen and her poisonous comrades. Its a shitty place to be in, and what better way to kick off a shitty area than to make us fight a shitty boss? Covetus Demon is one of the biggest jokes in the game, making himself look like the hell spawn of Jabba the hut. Prepare for a lame, lazy and sleezy battle.

Oh fat f**k.

The Covetus Demon doesn't look very menacing, and you would be right to think that he's going to suck. He's slow, so, so, SO slow, he'll never be able to hit you unless you STAND there like a statue and let him hit you. Also, for someone so huge, his attacks don't cover a lot of area, and he takes about 3 days to recover from a single attack, giving you 3 days to hit him without any consequence. Since he's so freaking huge he's also freaking easy to hit, you can't miss him.

Slam - He lifts his massive chin to slam onto you. Super slow and easy to dodge.

Belly Flop - He jumps and lands on his belly. Has minor AOE, easy to dodge and can be blocked.

Roll - He rolls sideways to squash you. Unblockable, but still slow and predictable.

Consume - He nom nom noms you and removes all of your equipment. Heavily telegraphed so you can just run away with ease.

There is no strategy, if you've made it here then you can kill this boss no problem, seriously, he's a f**king joke. He's super slow, he's big as f**k, you're always going to land hits on him without him landing any on you. All of his attacks take way too long to recover and are HEAVILY telegraphed. His health is decently high but his defenses are horribly, you can tear through him however you want without much effort.

Because he's large, his attacks do have minor AOE, though they are all easily dodged. Take care of his Roll if you're attacking him from his sides, he does some good damage despite being extremely slow. He can Consume you for some damage and can remove all of your items, forcing you to run to a corner and at least re-equip a weapon so that you can kill him. Still, you have a lot of room for error as long as you are not one-shotted. The arena is massive, so you can juke around for days and you'll still be good. Keep going at him and he drops quick, but beware, he's only one of the bosses in Earthern Peak.

You get 13000 souls for putting him down. That's not really a lot for a boss, but for a boss of his caliber, you really cannot complain. Definitely one of the easiest bosses in the game next to the Prowling Magus.


Mytha The Baneful Queen
HP: 3650
Skills: Spear Stab, Spear Swing, Backward Spear Swipe, Soul Spear, Soul Spread*, Tail Whip, Constrict*, Head Toss
Souls: 20000

Difficulty: 2.5/5
Deaths: 1

After you take down the Covetus Demon and continue to explore the Earthern Peak, you'll realize that things aren't as simple as they seem. Burn the windmill before advancing to this next boss, or you're to have a hard time. Meet the ugliest bitch in the game, Mytha The Baneful Queen. Compared to the piece of shit Covetus Demon, she's got the moves of a real boss, and you should be prepared. Even so, you've seen tougher days, she can be beat, all you need to do is be observant and she's probably just like every other boss.

A spear stab for half health? Seems good.

Looks wise you wouldn't think much of Mytha, other than the fact that's she's one hell of an ugly snake woman. I mean, the bitch holds her head on one of her that's wack. She's definitely got more moves than the Covetus Demon, and you'll need to be quick on your fingers to avoid her
attacks. Other than 1 attack, the rest of her moves can be blocked, so for a fairly simple time, keep your finger on the block button. She's got decent speed on both attacking and recovering, so you'll be able to get a few hits in with each attack. Here's her move set.

Spear Stab - She lunges forward with her spear. Low-moderate damage, easily blocked.

Spear Swing - She swipes her spear a couple of times for a short combo. Easily blocked, or you can just back off.

Backward Spear Swipe - She backs off and lets loose a quick swipe. Hard to see coming, but does low damage and can easily be blocked.

Soul Spear - Standard Soul Spear, she fires a straightforward projectile with minor homing. Easily dodged or blocked.

Soul Spread* - She screams and sends forth a wave of projectiles in a wide cone spread in front of her. Hard to dodge.

Tail Whip - A fast tail whip from her side or back, easily blocked, can be tricky to dodge.

Constrict* - A fast, somewhat unpredictable grab move. Does moderate damage, but cannot be blocked, you need to be fast to dodge this.

Head Toss - She throws her head, after a short period, the head explodes, dealing moderate AOE damage. Easily avoided.

She has a huge pool of attacks, but most are just fodder moves that you can very easily block. Do note that if you burned the windmill the poison in the arena will be significantly reduced, but if the fight against Mytha drags to the edges of the arena where the poison resides, she can still heal if she's standing on it. Whatever you do, try your very best to keep the fight in the center where you can go all out without fear of her healing.

Anyway, most of Mytha's attacks can be blocked. A majority of her attacks will be coming from her spear, which she likes to use regularly. Keep your shield up at all times when in range, because these attacks are easily blocked. She usually lunges at you with Spear Stab from a range, and when she's up close, she tried to nab you with Spear Swing, which is actually a multi-hit combo. All are easily blocked, and you can return fire with 1 or 2 hits after the attacks. Be careful not to go too crazy though, she might do a Backward Spear Swipe to retreat and get a cheap hit in. Since she always tries to get in on you and get out, rinse and repeat block for a fairly simple fight.

Bitch is ugly up close alright

However, that's not all she's capable of course, if you try to hit her from the side, she retaliates with Tail Whip, which is fast and can catch you off guard. From afar, she might attack with spells. Soul Spear is a standard projectile with minor homing properties, this is easily dodged. The tricky one is Soul Spread, she screams and sends out a wave of mini-soul arrows forward. You can always block this, but as with most magic attacks, the chip damage is unpleasant. Her recovery time is also quite long after magic attacks, if you happen to be nearby, you can go in for some free hits.

Her last 2 attacks are slightly different. From afar, she can also throw her head at you. After a short moment, the head explodes, dealing AOE damage. When you see her toss her head, run away as fast as you can, the explosion radius is quite massive. Her recovery time for this attack is long, so you can net free hits in, she needs to slither in and grab her head back after all. Finally, she has her Constrict, which is a very fast grab move. Needless to say, being a grab move, its unblockable, but it doesn't do too much damage. This doesn't seem to connect unless you're in front of her, so there's that.

Just hit Mytha after any of her attacks, she doesn't have too much HP so she goes down after awhile. You get 20000 souls for killing her, but that's nothing, the real battle starts now. What awaits you is nothing but the fires of hell.