Hardship Duos

Shana And Yuji

No matter how you look at it, Shana and Yuji make a great pair (sorry, Yoshida fans, but that's how it is), but the road to get where they were at the end of the anime...that's the rough part. It took a whole lot for these 2 to finally get together, even being on the different sides of the battlefield, crossing swords, and even having Yuji kidnap Shana to his fortress during a set amount of time. If crossing over to the side of evil and having all Tomogahara at the grasp of his palm isn't enough to make you shake your head, I don't know what is. Yuji went through a whole lot just to get Shana's recognition. Sure it was kind of far fetched on his part, and somewhere along the line, he just went a little bit overboard. Still his love for Shana remains, and you can't deny that. Their final moments on earth before they set for Xanadu confirms that Yuji was still thinking of Shana all this time.

Taichi And Inaba

Inaba and Taichi didn't start out well together. In fact, they were nothing more than friends, and almost everyone knew that Taichi had the hots for Inori. Inaba supported their relationship, but even then, we knew that she had problems letting go. When her true emotions were awoken, she tried to seduce Taichi, and there were many times where she broke down in front of him. She felt that he was the one that she could turn to, and while Taichi did like her to some extent, he was still in it for Iori all the way. It took a lot for Inaba and Taichi to grow to one another, and when Inori finally dropped the ball, it was time for Inaba to step in. She really came a long way though, from becoming a kid to getting kidnapped by a bunch of jerks. I think she deserved to get along with Taichi more than Inori did, but surely enough, we all have our share of feels for Inori as well.

Banri And Koko

Linda deserved to be with Banri, that much is somewhat true, but to some extent, I'm kind of happy that he ended up with Koko. They went through too much by the end of the series to not deserve a happy ending, and during the moment at the end when Banri lost all his memories and forgot about Koko, a little bit of me died. They went through so much, starting off as regular friends and then Koko slowly falling for Banri...everything seemed too good to end with just a shitty memory lost plot device. The two had arguments that seemed silly, they had different thoughts and beliefs, Koko even broke up with him at one point because she found out about his memory disorder. And we can tell, Koko was suffering as she did it, she LOVED Banri to no end, and we're all sure that Banri loved Koko as well. For all that they managed to overcome as a couple together, it'd be a f**king waste for Koko not to end up with Banri.

The What Ifs 

Ryoshi And Ryuko

This is one pairing that I really support (and I'm still pissed that neither of them are in "Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax"). Ryuko is a super attractive tsundere flat chest, and Ryoshi is a super shy stalker esque young man that likes to admire his girls from behind. By context, this is a horrible combo, but for a girl like Ryuko, Ryoshi is actually one of the best guys that's a fit for her. Think about it, considering her past, Ryuko is a weak girl who only acts strong on the outside, she needs a man of opposite demeanor to compliment her. Ryoshi is strong inside, but really timid on the outside. He watches her back, he'll stand up for her no matter what, even going head to head against Shiro when he knows he's in a severe disadvantage. Even though its highly implemented that these 2 are going to be together, its never confirmed in the anime. What we did get though, was Ryuko saying that she doesn't hate Ryoshi. In the war of tsunderes, that counts as a win.

Touma And Misaka

Need I say more? Misaka is the best girl in the "Index"/"Railgun" meta-verse, and its only deserving that someone like Touma should get the best girl. I mean come on, these 2 are already HEAVILY implied that they're going to be together, even in the light novels. Its clear as DAY that Misaka holds feelings for Touma, especially after the clone incident with Accelerator. Before that she already had some sort of feelings for him, but it skyrocketed to insane amounts after he saved her AND 10000+ Misaka clones that were waiting to be slaughtered. Touma has done a lot of good for many girls, but none more than Misaka. He trusts her to some extent, and regards her as a good friend....which is not enough. Come one Touman, you got this, get the girl, she wants you so bad!

Shido And Tohka

I personally love the living hell out of Kurumi as a girl, and god damn, she's definitely the hottest out of all the girls. However, that being said, Shido should just end up with Tohka already. With so many girls to choose from, he's got so many options, but Tohka is probably the one that deserves it the most anyway. She's been with him the longest out of all the spirits, she's the one who probably genuinely loves and understands him the most. She gets EVERYTHING, from being in the same class as him, living under the same roof, etc etc. Plus, she's kissed Shido the most, and I do feel that Shido wouldn't mind taking care of the adorable, defenseless Tohka for his entire life. Just don't go cheating on her with Origami and we're all good, Tohka is so freaking adorable, you can't ever say no to her.