Opening Songs
OP 1 - Sen No Tsubasa (Livetune ft. Takuro Sugawara)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Brand New World (Ayami)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Supernatural

Episodes: 12

So "Hamatora" got a second season, as we expected. But I didn't really expect it to be so soon, considering how it wasn't exactly the best thing ever. "Re:Hamatora" as a sequel, actually performs rather well on some ends, but weaker on others. In a way, it tells a better, more focused story (something that the original did rather poorly), but sacrifices some awesomeness in terms of the action scenes. I would like to say that if you enjoyed the old "Hamatora" for its ridiculousness and interesting character abilities, you won't find too much of that here. Instead, we get a whole season of its more serious side, which is average at best. It gets too predictable for its own good, and while the show has its moments, its too centered on a character that's honestly not very interesting. With the series coming to a close and many characters left under-developed, it feels lazy and maybe rushed. At least its not horrible, there's that.

Bring out the guy squad.

Ultimately the opening song in "RE:Hamatora" sounds very similar to "Flat", the opening theme of the first season. Its also by Livetune, just that this time, its a different singer who goes by Takuro Sugawara. Its nice and all, but there's really not much in terms of variety here. The ending theme is "Brand New World" by Ayami, which is a...slow song. As we all know, I hate slow songs, so its not surprising that this isn't really up my alley.

Rating: 7.0/10

It does some good, but that's pretty much it. Its SOME good, and that's in its story telling. The story is a lot more straightforward and SO much easier to follow. Plus, it makes sense, even if its not much. There's a common enemy this time around, and the show doesn't beat around the bush about who they are or how the characters reach them. In a way, its makes more sense, and since there isn't much time wasted on ridiculous side adventures, the anime gets to the point s much quicker, and that's a plus. However, there isn't much in terms of cool, action scenes or incredibly surprising scenarios. What's known as surprising has already been shown in season 1, what we have here is just another random bunch of new super powered freaks, nothing too interesting here as the new guys don't really have powers that blow your mind. Basically what you see here, you've seen before in the previous season, and that does it better.

If Honey says so, it must be true!

The story follows the dynamic detective duo Hamatora once again. Following the events of the first season, after Moral was killed, Nice was also shot by Art, leading to his death. The folks over at the bar were holding a memorial service for him, as the discrimination against Millennium holders continue to rise, Hamatora was starting its age of decline. However, a client showed up, her job being the killing of a rising star. After all sorts of debate, it was decided that Hamatora be brought back into action, but without Nice, there would be no Hamatora. So a replacement volunteered herself, and that person is Hajime. She may not be half the brains or power of Nice, but she tries her hardest to fill up the shoes of Nice...who isn't gone for as long as we'd imagine.

"RE:Hamatora" actually concludes the "Hamatora" franchise rather nicely. I guess it wasn't a really amazing franchise to begin with, but at least it ended without too much major problems. The show did have its share of good and interesting characters, but ultimately, its rather predictable plot made for a fun but shallow experience. If you just want to watch this for the brainless, but good looking battles, you'll enjoy yourself.