Opening Songs
OP 1 - Moving Soul (Minami Kuriyabashi)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Two By Two (Yumeda Koha)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy

Episodes: 10

So the time has come once again. At the end of the first season of "Fate Illya", we got a teaser of what seems to be a confirmation of season 2, which is what we have here. "Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 2wei!" is what its called. Despite its ridiculously long name, quite a lot has changed in this second iteration. There are a lot less fights, there's a new major character, and a lot of time is spent on this new girl. If you ask me, its a lot more of a character building season , which can get kind of boring and/or cheesy at times, since the fights are a little less interesting than those in season 1. Does that make it a bad run though? Nope, far from it. You'll feel for our newly added Kuro character, and as more of her character becomes fleshed out throughout the series, she easily the best character in the show. Definitely a worthwhile addition, if they intend to keep her for the long run (looks that way).

Fate lolis have never been this badass.

The opening theme is "Moving Soul" by Minami Kuriyabashi. Considering that there aren't many opening songs by her nowadays, "Moving Soul" is a good song, though its not really much better than most of the songs that she's done in the past. The ending theme, "Two By Two" by Yumeda Koha, is a standard affair of a slow paced ending theme without anything to write home for. Not my cup of tea here.

Rating: 7.5/10

As the story in the "Fate Illya" universe keeps going on, you can only notice a few things in this season. Things are definitely a lot more peaceful here. Without the treat of the servant cards going berserk, there's not quite much danger that our heroines are in, except for Kuro, a new character that's introduced in this season. As mentioned earlier, by the end of this season, she's easily my favorite character, since she brings such a sassy personality into the fray and mixes things up quite a fair bit. As far as character development goes, this entire season is dedicated to Kuro, and a little bit of Illya. There's a lot less in terms of interesting battles against really badass opponents. While the previous season had 3 really good fights, this season only has one, and its right at the end (it spans over 2-3 episodes at least), which I guess makes for a good finale. All in all, its more or less what we got in the first season, with more characterization and less action.

Never a dull moment with these 2.

Its been a month since Illya became a magical girl with Miyu. With all the servant cards successfully
captured, here's no longer any threats out there that would require their magical girl powers. With the cards out of the way, Rin and Luvia were instead tasked to inspect the ley lines, new instructions from the order. During their inspection, something goes incredibly wrong, and Illya was forced to activate her Archer class card to protect herself. Incidentally, when she reverted back to normal, another version of herself, with more tanned skin, appeared right beside her. Her goal is to kill Illya, and she never really states why. With her being smarter, faster, and more unpredictable, who knows what Illya has to do to get out of this one?

So this second season did pretty well IMO. At the end of the series, a 3rd season was teased. With more to solve on the horizon, I can safely say that I'm actually looking forward to this season 3, more than I did when this second season was teased during the end of the original. Let's see what Illya and her friends can cook up next time.