Golden Time

Sorry that she didn't get the guy she wanted.

Even though I do support the Koko x Banri pairing, I still believe that "Golden Time" would have went to shit long ago if not for Linda. Correction, I may support Koko x Banri, but Linda to me, is the best character in the show. If the entire anime were to be described as a "LoL" team, Linda would be the support that makes all the plays, because I can't count the number of times she has saved Banri's hide from going down the drain.

Before Banri lost his memories, Linda was his best friend. She was the girl that he confessed to, she was the girl that Banri LOVED, she was the girl that he was ready to entrust everything to. She was EVERYTHING to him...of course, then he had to go and have his accident, losing his memory and all. So that meant that when Banri moved to Tokyo, Linda already had a head start before everyone else, she knew Banri inside out, even though he lost his memories. Whatever problems Banri was going to have in the future, she had the remedy for it all.

Every time Banri loses his shit, who does he go to? Linda. Who comforts him when he has problems? Every time is feeling down, who does he go to? Every time he wants to ask for professional advice...who does he go to? The answer is always Linda, actually, and if you actually see how she acts as his emotional pillar of support even though she knows that his heart now belongs to Koko...its a little bit disheartening. You gotta feel sad for her sometimes, and you can only wonder...what if Banri never lost his memories?

Hitsugi No Chaika

When do I get to kill shit?!

There are quite a few great characters in "Hitsugi No Chaika" (I could have chosen Akari or Toru, they're both pretty awesome), but at the end of the day, I'm just going to have to give my favorite character slot to everyone's adorable loli dragon, Frederica. She's the easy way out for Toru's team, just because well, she's a mother f**king dragon. If she ever decides to go all out, she'll decimate any and every foe Toru's team comes across, but of course, she doesn't do that. We have to keep things interesting, after all.

Frederica's back story is pretty saddening: her master, one of the previous heroes who defeated the demon lord, passed away. As her dragon, she decided to honor her master's image, and decorated her mansion filled with portraits and sculptures of her master. As if it wasn't enough, she disguised herself in her master's image. Of course, when she learnt to let it all go, she decided to follow Toru's group, following his promise that he will some day face her again in combat.

Despite being an adorable little loli dragon girl, she is of course, not something her opponents can sneeze at. At any time she wants to, she can turn into a massive dragon and do whatever she wants with her pine sized enemies. Step them, pick them up, crush them...anything she wants. And with her being so snobbish all the time, she's just nothing short of kawai. The best thing about her is that she's a drifter. She doesn't pay attention to Toru and the others too much, and only interferes if she really needs to, or mostly when Toru begs her to. Oh yeah, she can change how she looks like too, pretty fancy.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure:Stardust Crusaders

Yes, I can!

So Avdol is probably the sexiest, most egoistic and also the most glorious, badass, black man to ever be represented in an anime, TO DATE. He just doesn't give a f**k! He's the most cautious of the group, and acts as sort of an elder brother figure to most of the characters, constantly warning them of dangers/risks of certain actions. In that extent, he excels and f**k Polnareff for being the immature ass that he is when Avdol was just trying to be nice. Of course, even when he DOES die, he doesn't, that's just how fabulous this guy is.

Avdol is only so badass because of his contrasting personality. Most of the time he's this calm, rationale person who's always advising the team, other times he is a cocky, smart aleck "I told you so" bastard when he destroys his enemies. He is also shown to be merciful, when he first fought Polnareff, he admired Polnareff's sense of knighthood and chivalry, thus sparing him from burning to death, after hearing Polnareff say that "it would be disgraceful to not get burned by the flame, that which you spent so much effort to conjure and hammer onto me".

Avdol's Magician's Red is a very powerful, fire based stand. That said, it is only fire based, so even though its destructive power is incredibly high, there aren't many situations where using it would be practical. Well, he IS smart, so usually he can work around the flaws of his abilities. And then there's the scene where he FAKED being dead just so he could trick the other stand users, then appeared at the last second to f**k shit up and save Polnareff (once again). I must say that his reappearance scene was just MAJESTIC.