I'll try something new today. Instead of just naming badass villains, I'll think of villainous GROUPS that might strike off as badass. As groups, some of them accomplish feats on a way bigger scale than villains who run solo. Or maybe they just have the extra cool factor that makes them stand out? Who knows?

Spoilers for the following games:

Tales Of Xillia
Dark Souls Series
7th Dragon 2020 Series
Black Rock Shooter:The Game
Kingdom Hearts II

Every king needs his henchmen.

5. Gaius And The Chimeriad
From: Tales Of Xillia

What's with big bad enemies having an elite guard of 4 all the time? Its the f**king "Elite Four" everywhere I look...and its the same case with "Tales Of Xillia". Gaius is no simple foe, but he couldn't possibly reach where he is without his four followers, the Chimeriad.

I actually thought the Chimeriad as nothing but small time villains that just seem to appear often within the game's story, but then soon came to understood their importance and the part that they played during the game. Every single member of the Chimeriad, while insanely powerful, grows onto you as the story progresses, because of how they share links with the individual characters of your party, which is really cool (Agria to Leaia, Jiao to Elize, Presa to Alvin, Wingul to Rowen).

Let's not forget that each and every one of them went out with a solid bang...especially Jiao with his crazy heroics which let the party survived. I felt for each and every member of the Chimeriad, even freaking Wingul. It takes a truly awesome villain group to do that, though in the end, The Chimeriad aren't all that evil after all. They just got in your way and fought for their beliefs.



So who do you want to die to first?

4. The 4 Old Ones
From: The Dark Souls Series

Notice how the Old Ones in the "Dark Souls" series always came in groups of four. Its always about defeating the 4 Old Ones, which would in turn open up the way to the king, whether it be Vendrick or Gwyn.

The 4 Old Ones aren't particularly a very distinguished group, they just tend to be owners of 4 great souls that would serve as barriers for the player to keep going. The 4 in "Dark Souls" had a special bond together. They fought to destroy the dragons of old that ushered the age of fire. Seath sold out the dragons on their secrets of the scales, Nito unleashed a plague of death and decay, the Chaos Witch burned them, and Gwyn struck them down with great lightning.

In "Dark Souls 2", the Lost Sinner punished herself for trying to screw with the soul of the Chaos Witch. The Old Iron King was just a sad dude that got enveloped in lava, The Rotten was a guy that would accept all that was thrown away or dis-wanted. The Duke's Dear Freja was just a monstrosity of a creation from the Duke that would tear down everything in its path. And everything was just a stepping stone for the very end...

01-Gwyn, Lord Of Cinder
02-Chaos Witch Izalith
03-Gravelord Nito
04-Seath The Scaleless
05-The Lost Sinner
06-Duke's Dear Freja
07-Old Iron King
08-The Rotten

Dragons...dragons everywhere.

3. The Dragons
From: 7th Dragon 2020 Series

Dragons are a pretty common source of death and destruction in many fantasy games, but nothing strikes as much fear as the dragons from the "7th Dragon 2020" series. These guys are intelligent, adaptive and just pure ruthless. They pollute the world with crystal flowers that cause poison, making it difficult for the human race to live.

Above the chain of command, the monsters that populate Tokyo are under the dragons, and even on the dragons' side, they have higher ranks to look up to. These guys are the cause of the mayhem in modern day Japan, and are the stepping stones that the 13th Murakumo squad has to overcome. 

Be it the big and scary Warcry, the technically advanced Jigowatt, the accursed Sleepy Hollow or the menacing Tiamat, all the dragons look badass as all f**k, and all of them fight differently with their own special abilities. The Scabber is massive and has many parts to his boss fight. Dragons like Okeanas and Zero Blue make use of their terrain respectively to destroy you, like laying out poison or ice attacks. They are no joke, and its always a massive pain to defeat them.

Leaders-Nyarla, Formalhaut
05-Sleepy Hollow
06-The Scabber
07-Zero Blue

...You're screwed,

2. White Rock Shooter And The 7 Apostles
From: Black Rock Shooter:The Game

If these guys don't look freaking epic, then I don't know what does. In a world like the one in "Black Rock Shooter", without humans, its difficult to express anything at all whatsoever. So the 7 Apostles are here to give you a little bit of that. They look human, but the're aliens...and they aren't friendly.

These guys come at you one at a time, and YOU KNOW the next boss battle is going to be deviously epic as you'll be facing yet another Apostle. Each and every single Apostle is awesome in his/her own way, be it in terms of character design or their fighting style...they're all pretty amazing (except maybe Shizu and her brother, I'd probably rate them the lowest among the group). Still, despite wanting to kill your ass, all of them have something to say to our silent heroine.

Mefe just wants to blow shit up and sees you as another enemy. Mazuma takes interest in you, and wants to show you the ways through battle. Shizu is high and mighty, Llwo hunts you with a vengeance. Nafe just wants to kill you in the most fun way possible, and Zaha is like the mighty guardian that keeps all the Apostles together at bay. The WRS is the big boss...the queen. She seeks the BRS to become stronger and finally battle against her as a worthy opponent. Who takes the throne? Black? Or White? You decide.

Leader-White Rock Shooter

13 hooded badasses!

1. Organization XIII
From: Kingdom Hearts II

Here it is. The ultimate villain team from gaming. These guys are the badass of the badass in the "Kingdom Hearts" series, even when they first made their appearance in "Chain Of Memories". While they might not be the most cohesive team, the fact that they're a bunch of personalities all jumbled together makes them all the more of a likable group.

The main antagonist of "Kingdom Hearts II" is probably Xemnas, and he pulls the strings for Organization XIII. The group itself is composed of 13 (14 if you count Xion, but that completely removes the cool ass 13 factor) nobodies with special attachments to being human. Each and every one of them wields special powers and weapons, which make them look pretty damn awesome. There's quite a lot going on for these guys as far as their feats go.

As nobodies, its their original purpose to obtain Kingdom Hearts to restore themselves, but of course, its a long process with each individual member going to do their own thing. Its the individual members that actually make Organization XIII, not their efforts a group. Be it the cocky Axel or the easy going Xigbar, these guys have sass. Plus, Roxas is in it...



Peace. Might do something like that again in the future!