Hagure Yusha No Aestetica

You never know what he's thinking.

For an anime about a pervertic hero that goes around having his way with a ton of different sexy girls, its actually kind of weird that my favorite character is a guy. Kaido Motoharu is an enigma, and a pretty damn likable one at that. From the very moment that he was introduced I KNEW I was going to like this guy. Being an A class drop out that doesn't give 2 figs about anything but his own plans, this is one badass son of a bitch.

As mentioned earlier, Kaido is an A class student, though he thinks that as "no big deal". He purposely seeks out Akatsuki and befriends him even though he knows that Akatsuki is one of the most feared students around the entire school. What starts off as a friendly fist fight quickly turns into a weird bro to bro relationship, and before long Akatsuki befriends Kaido. However, that is all part of his plan, as a terrorist attack soon leads to reveal that Kaido has some relationship with them.

Later during the natural selection battles, Kaido exhibits a great skill of concealing himself and following Akatsuki around. When the dragon appears and caused destruction all around, it's noted that Kaido took a part in actually stopping the dragon, which helped Akatsuki defeat it. When Akatsuki was called to the other world, Kaido decided to tag along, but we'll have to wait for season 2 for that. Honestly though, someone this awesome needs more screen time. We don't know much about him anyway, so this is perfect.

Mondaijitachi Ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu Yo

Stare down for 15 minutes.

"Mondaiji" is a really complicated show involving complicated things, but all of it really doesn't matter too much when you have a main character that is strong enough to punch everyone's face into the ground. Izayoi is the pinnacle of of epic-ness and power, strong enough o destroy almost everyone in the "Mondaiji" universe.

If there's one character that can Izayoi can relate to, its Dante. Izayoi is the Dante of this anime, because he just doesn't give a f**k, and he has the strength to back up his cocky attitude. On the very first episode he challenges a water god and destroys him. He hopes to stay out of fights most of the time though, as he figures that they don't really need his help. He only steps in during the most desperate of situations, like when Algol was summoned against Jin. Of course, even the great god Algol didn't stand a chance.

While he is powerful, Izayoi is very smart as well, devising plans and studying up on enemies that his guild are going up against. He even saw through the plan for the piper, which eventually lead to victory for Izayoi's team. Still, he isn't a just a character with no personality. He likes to fire off needless remarks, but can be a good person to have on your side. He mixes well with the girls and can act like a gentlemen when he needs to. What else? He's a pervert, like all men should be.



Loliloliloliloliloli! As far as lolis go, Noa isn't all that special in terms of looks. She looks just like any other green haired anime loli girl, but for someone like her...its special. Noa is a genius, the "mad scientist" in the world of "MM!". While I can be interested in how she uses her technology to sadistically torture Taro, there's a lot to Noa than just being loli.

Being a genius comes with a lot of benefits. For one, she has a loyal follower, Himura. While Himura is an assistant on the outside, he is just a lolicon that has been seduced by Noa's loli-like body structure. Himura can be hilarious on his own, but its Noa who pulls all the strings, always creating ridiculous inventions. Of course, since "MM!" is a harem, she's somewhat in love with Taro as well, if only ever so slightly.

One time, Noa drinks a self created chemical that enlarges her boobs, making her into a...somewhat sexy girl. This in turns makes Himura crazy, going head to head with Taro in an epic DBZ styled battle. Noa is a naughty, naughty girl, and if you ask me, its exactly what "MM!" needs, she fits right in as a target for the 2nd volunteer club.